Elegance is usually a cyan RainWing with a light purple under belly.She always has black and light purple circles on her sides,with black upper scales.She has purple frills with star like patterns on them and purple with a gradient of light blue with star like scales on her wing membranes.Elegance has a NightWing tail and a forked tongue.She also has the blood of a icewing.


  • Kind
  • Clever
  • Creative
  • Adventurous
  • Friendly
  • Can be shy at times


Elegance hatched in the royal NightWing hatchery under 1 full moon so her egg was pure silver looking just like a Moonborn NightWing egg.No one knew expect her father that she was a hybrid egg,but when she hatched it was revealed.A few gave a disguised look before remembering Darkstalker is a hybrid,there had not been a hybrid in generations.Her father admitted that his mate was a RainWing and the other eggs he accidentally dropped on the way.Her uncle Sandchaser gave her a dirty look like he wanted to snap her neck.

When she was 1 year old she was tested to see if she was a animus and it turned out she was.Sandchaser's jaw dropped in surprise,he calmed down then got Elegance to follow him.He took a Dragonbite viper he caught and released it,Elegance saw it and started to fly as it chased her.She flew threw a village and the viper bit a dragon killing them,then other NightWings kill the snake.She flew back to her father and hugged him tightly telling him about how a Dragonbite viper chased her.Sandchaser just frowned at her with disappointment.One day elegance and her father went to uncle Sandchaser's house,Elegance spotted a stuffed IceWing head (little did she know it was a SandWing head enchanted to look like a IceWing because Sandchaser is a animus).It scared her because it was a dragon.Sandchaser got elegance to follow him but this time into the storage room,Sandchaser whispered something and a shelf almost fell onto elegance.he turned around and once again frowned,This would be the last time for a while he would try to kill her.

She started to go to proper school when she was 2,she met a dragon named Scrollwriter.They became friends quickly,one day they met a Seawing named Surf who was a descendant of trident.Turns out Surf is the son of a wealthy family as well.Surf tells Elegance and Scrollwriter about how his brother wants to marry the Queen but Surf thinks he has no chance.The next day Scrollwriter shows both Elegance and Surf his new pet scavenger,they were fascinated by the scavenger.

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