Eclipse Shadow is an exiled female DeathWing who now lives Under the Mountain. She was exiled from her tribe for disrespecting the Life Spirit by fighting with another tribe-mate.


Dark gray scales, with an almost white exocranium. Dark yellow eyes. Sharp claws and teeth. Heavyset, but short for her age.


Eclipse Shadow is rough and tumble, always not one to back out of a fight. She has the look and personality of a dragon accustomed to living on her own and is constantly talking to herself.


Eclipse Shadow was born on the night of an eclipse, so her mother named her after that. She grew up different from her other tribe-mates, always fighting and being alone. It escalated to the breaking point when Eclipse Shadow broke out in a fight with one of her classmates, and was judged exiled by the royals. She left the Isle and found Under the Mountain, where she has been living ever sense. In her opinion, she did nothing wrong, she was just protecting herself, so she is constantly trying to find a way back into the tribe.


Eagle Cry - Eagle Cry is Eclipse Shadow's mother and was her best friend until Eclipse Shadow was banished.

Wolf Howl - Wolf Howl was the one that called Eclipse Shadow a name, and got into a fight with her.


"I didn't do anything. It was her fault she said that." - To Eagle Cry

"Stop talking to yourself, Eclipse Shadow." - To herself

"What did you just say!?" - To her classmate

"I don't care about All Death Day. No one cares about me!" - To River Flow

"Oh Life Spirit, oh Death Spirit, help me prove to my fellow DeathWings that I am not a danger to them. Please, help me." - To Life Spirit and Death Spirit


  • Eclipse Shadow has a pet bird she named Eagle Cry, after her mother
  • Eclipse Shadow has homemade weapons that she makes out of stone and rock
  • Eclipse Shadow loves to eat beyond all things
  • Eclipse Shadow's favorite color is pink, though she says it's black
  • Eclipse Shadow wrote her own song, titling it "I Hate Everything"
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