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Five years before Sundew and her friends went to the poison jungle, Queen Wasp had sent out a patrol to investigate the lush jungle to see if any remaining LeafWings had survived. The patrol consisted of three male HiveWings, all of them being fully trained, which means they could fight off whatever came their way.

Or so they thought.

As the sun began to set, the three HiveWings set up a camp near shore. When they finally fell asleep, one of them heard hissing and slithering. He immediately woke up, but was shocked to see both of the HiveWings in the jaws of a massive snake. With no choice left, he darted away and into the jungle, and soon wandered into the village of the LeafWings.

When he had arrived, the HiveWing was shocked to see LeafWings sleeping peacefully in their huts, and that some were patrolling. He was frightened, and hid behind a large tree, and that's when he met her.

She was a tall LeafWing, with a long neck and strikingly beautiful autumn coloured scales. Her dark blue eyes simmered in the darkness like gems, making her look even more gorgeous. He had fallen in love with the sight of her, and she was shocked to discover him.

At first, he had expended her to kill him at first sight, but was shocked to discover that she had hid him away from everyone and began to nurse him. The two soon fell in love, but the HiveWing knew he had to leave.

Soon, he left and thanked her, and told her that he wouldn't tell Queen Wasp about her, and that he would try and write letters. When he went back to Wasp Hive, the LeafWing was shocked to discover that she was expecting his egg.

Then, Earwig hatched. He was hidden away from everyone, and when he was found out, the LeafWings were shocked, but still let him stay in the village, along with his mother.

Broken Talons

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  • I read the prologue and chapter 1 of The Poison Jungle, and it inspired me to make this character.
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