Dusk is a collab OC that belongs to Crimson and Salvation! Please do not edit her without explicit permission from either Crimson or Salvation. Thank you!

Artist SalvationTheIceAndNightwing
Creator CrimsonEmbersEdge & SalvationTheIceAndNightwing
Coding ☁️
Attribute Shyness
Element Sunsets
Animal -
Color Purple
Song -
Age -
Gender Female
Orientation Pansexual
Occupation -
Tribe 65% HiveWing, 35 RainWing
Nicknames Duskie, Sunshine
Goal -
Residence -
Relatives -
Allies The Seaside Gang
Enemies Royalty and Law Enforcement
Likes -
Dislikes -
Abilities Venom
Weapons Black and silver switchblade
Quote -


Dusk is a funny-looking hybrid. Probably something you haven't seen before. Her body looks like it's almost fully rainwing with some key hivewing features. Her four insect-like wings that shimmer like a pink sunset. The three horns on her head fade from violet to a peachy color. Her rainwing face is the basic kind of pretty, with elegant features that frame her kind golden-green eyes. She's quite small and agile. Her colors don't seem sneaky at all but he small stature and gentle nature will make dragons she's stolen from shrug her off the suspect list. Dusk's unable to change her scale colors, which are mainly cyan and violet. They are splotched like messy paint splatters. Her underbelly is a soft lavender. Her smiles are usually never threatening, despite her rainwing fangs.


Dusk is easily the shiest of the Seaside Gang. If you met her, you wouldn't ever guess she's in a criminal gang. If she was a bit more confident, she could use that to fool a lot of dragons but Dusk simply can't. She was expecting to end up somewhere awful like the Gang but as time has worn on, she genuinely has grown to love each and every one of them. It's nearly impossible to hate her too. Duskie's sweet, shy, and could be quickly categorized as harmless. That's right as she steals the watch off your wrist or the necklace from around your neck. When people hear about a dragon who steals their jewelry, they wave it off, talking about how 'they'd catch her before she took one step in the other direction' but truth be told, she's never been caught. Like every group of friends, there's the one who's called the heart. The one that holds everything together. That's Dusk for you. She encourages each member of the Gang to do their best and how much they're worth. This little hybrid is practically the optimistic little sister that likes to follow you around and praise your work.




Thug(Gang Leader)-

Hydra(Gang‘s Second)-

Trench(Gang Member)-

Sizzle(Gang Member)-

Shock(Gang Member)-

Infestation(Gang Member)-

Frost(Gang Member)-





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