Artist Me
Background Information
Creator PomegranateTheRainWing854
Main Attribute humbility
Elemental Attribute partially melted ice on the ground
Theme Animal sloth
Theme Color icey blue
Theme Song to be deternimed
MBTI Personality to be determined
Character Information
Age 76
Gender female
Orientation asexual
Occupation none really, but sometimes paints or writes
Tribe IceWing
Goal none
Nicknames Draz, Zub,
Residence Ice Kingdom
Relatives none that I have pages for
Allies most dragons she talks to
Enemies dragons who are even slightly irritted by shy or rampling dragons
Likes writing, painting, reading, sleeping, simplicity, being around those she cares about, puzzles, riddles
Dislikes excersise, stress, having to change her lifestyle even a bit, competition
Powers and abilities normal IceWing abilities
Weapons IceWing abilities
Quote "Hm hm hmmmm" - humming while painting

This is for Misty's backwards character contest . The character I am making backward is Buzzard.


Drazzub is an old, wise IceWing who lives an hour away from the Great Ice Cliff, completely content with her simple life. She was never very athletic, preferring to read or create art. When she painted, she always gave the paintings away for free because she underestimated her own ability. She also sometimes wrote, and was always trying to get feedback on her writing because she never thought it was any good. In truth, her writing and art wasn't amazing, but it was decent. She still paints or writes sometimes, but mainly reads.


Drazzub is humble and kind, sometimes letting herself be pushed around a bit. She has trouble standing up for herself, and can sometimes have trouble introducing herself to others. She is very humble, often underestimating her own talent. She is not athletic at all, and she is not adventerous either. She likes things to be simple, and she is very calm. It is extremely difficult to anger her, and she almost never takes challenges. She sometimes rambles when someone talks to her, and isn't very social. She is rather intellegent, using her intellect in most situations. She is good at puzzles and riddles. She avoids competition in general because she doesn't like the stress of it.


Drazzub is mainly light, robbin's-egg blue, with white wing membranes. She has sky-blue horns and spikes. She is old and wrinkled, and not muscular. She is thin, and her wings are a tiny bit small, but you need to look for a long time to notice it. Her spikes and horns are smaller than average, making her look less intimidating than most IceWings.


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