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15 Years after DOD | Dolphin| Female | SeaWing | Student

Background information
Creator PomegranateTheRainWing854
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Theme Color type here
Theme Animal Dolphin
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MBTI Personality ISTJ - A
Character information
Age 13 "dragon years", hatched 5 years ago.
Gender Female
Orientation Bi (But prefers females)
Occupation student (formerly pearl gatherer's apprentice)
Tribe SeaWing
Residence Jade Mountain (formerly deep palace)
Relatives Abyss (mother)
Allies Abyss, Fractal, Pomegranate (kind of Creative and the rest of the Silver Winglet)
Enemies that one dragon who keeps stealing her scrolls (she hopes to one day find out who that is)
Likes kelp, Fractal, riddles, knowledge
Dislikes not knowing the answer, pressure, awkwardness
Powers and abilities normal SeaWing powers, very smart.
Ships Fractin (Fractal x Dolphin)
Quote "The common misconception about pressure is that it helps dragons. it doesn't."

"[Okay, how's this:

I am not what I seem, 

Three beings of yellow know my story.

To overlook me would be a mistake, 

As one once worshipped, now dead, could tell you.

What am I?]"
~Fractal, making riddles for Dolphin.]


Dolphin is a SeaWing who attends Jade Mountain in the Silver Winglet. She is friends with Pomegranate the RainWing and has a girlfriend named Fractal the IceWing. Before she attended Jade Mountain, she was the daughter of a palace servant named Abyss. Abyss was a Pearl Gatherer for Queen Coral and allowed Dolphin to come with her while she was pearl gathering. One day while this was happening, Abyss was summoned to a meeting with the queen about something to do with jewelry, Dolphin couldn't hear the full summons because her aquatic skills were not very good at the time. Dolphin was not allowed to come and did not know the way back to the Deep Palace, so Abyss promised to be back for Dolphin in five hours or less, then left with the messenger. Dolphin was not good at hunting for fish and was hungry. She looked below her and saw kelp plants. Having seen other dragons around the Deep palace eating it occasionally, she reasoned that it was edible and swam down to try a piece. She tasted it, and it was wonderful in a way she had never before experienced. She began eating more and more and once Abyss came back for her she was sufficiently satisfied. she still ate fish, of course, but from then on kelp was a great snack for her.

((The answer is "a scavenger"))

"[You wanna try some of my kelp? It's really good.]"
~[Dolphin, eating kelp during dorm time, to Fractal]


Dolphin is rational, logical, and intelligent. She is amazing at solving riddles and is known for thinking that knowledge and learning comes first. She is not good at being social, and that is why she gets along with Pomegranate and Fractal. They bond over social awkwardness. Dolphin is more emotional than Fractal. ((The answer is "a scavenger"))

"[My pearls? My mother was a pearl gatherer for Queen Coral, and let me go with her.']"
~[Dolphin, after being asked where her pearl jewelry came from]


Her scales are a blueish-turquoise color with bright blue underscales and light turquoise light-up scales/membranes/webs. She wears a pearl bracelet on her left foreleg and a necklace with a pearl pendant with stripes on it. She has unusually large back spines. She is long and loosely built.

"[It's not like I don't like fish, It's just that kelp is easier, and tastes just as good.]"
~[Dolphin, in group discussion class]


FractalFractal is her girlfriend. They investigate and study together. Fractal sometimes makes riddles for Dolphin to answer, and vice versa.

Pomegranate:  Dolphin, Fractal, and Pomegranate are kind of in a "gang' together. It is not a polymorus relationship, despite them all being females attracted to females. Dolphin is amazed at how not-awkward it manages to be.

Creative: They kind of know each other through Pomegranate, but they're not what you would call friends.

"[Isn't it weird that a scavenger attacked you just a few weeks after you wrote this?]"
~[Dolphin, to Fractal in Jade Mountain, Hogwarts Edition]

"[A dragon without eyes sees plums in a tree. Neither takes plums, nor leaves plums, how can this be?']"
~[Dolphin, making riddles for Fractal]


Normal SeaWing ablilities

"[I know you think you know everything about me, but you don't.]"
~[Dolphin, to Cleverness]


  • It is unknown who Dolphin's father is
  • Dolphin's mother (and, by extension, Dolphin) may have distant NightWing hybrid ancestry, however, it is too distant do make any difference. The reason for this hypothesis is because the color of Abyss's scales is darker than normal SeaWings's scales.
  • Dolphin's father, whoever he is, may have had distant IceWing ancestry.

"[I guess I just never thought about drawing before]"
~[Dolphin, to Driftwood (PomegranateTheRainWing854), on the topic of art]


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