turquoise - Usually associated with wisdom, serenity, spiritual grounding, intuition, energy, and love.

why, there's always room for one more.

d i v i n e
DivineRH - ReverbtheDragon
b a c k g r o u n d
Creator đŸ”„
Infobox reverb
Attribute calm
Element undisturbed mountain lakes
Color turquoise
Song keeping your head up - birdy
c h a r a c t e r
Age 56 (human years)
Gender male
Orientation heterosexual
Occupation librarian/book store owner
Tribe silkwing
Goal end his days living in peace
Residence near the coast of dragonfly bay
Relatives Descant (niece)
Likes Curiousity in dragonets, pursuit of information, being carefree, the smell of new books, preserving knowledge.
Dislikes people with no respect, ungrateful children, being called "grandfather," tearing paper
Allies Descant; Damselfly
Enemies book-abusers
Quote I'm sorry, have you seen my glasses- oh wait, they're right here!

note: divine is from a timeline before the tree wars, and therefore is not a servant to the hivewings.

. appearance .

Divine is an older dragon, one with the beginnings of wrinkles and laugh lines crossing his snout. Welcoming blue eyes crinkle at the corners as he smiles at you.

Divine is short for a SilkWing, not as tall as many adults. A bit of pudge lines his frame, built up from years of sitting, holed-up and studying instead of scampering across webs as a child.

His scales are a pale turquoise, like the sky around the sun on a cloudless day. The color speaks of lying in the warm grass, basking in the sunlight, cloud-watching without a care in the world.

Divine's underscales are darker, a richer, more vibrant turquoise. Similar to his main scales in tone, but richer and deeper, more saturated. If his main scales could be personified, they would be thin and watery, light and airy. In comparison, his underscales would be bulkier, thicker, stronger.

His eyes are a bright, sky blue, the color of the sky at high noon. Curiosity frequents those eyes, lighting them with a gleam that all seekers of information wear. He wears a pair of round, black glasses perched on his snout. His glasses often tease the edge of his snout, threatening to fall off before he pushes them back up to his eyes. He frequently looses his glasses while wearing them.

. personality .

Divine is a simple soul, content to live out his days in peace. His world revolves around the concept of balance among the mind, heart, and soul.

He is a peacekeeper, frowning upon the concept of violence as a solution. Reason and logic sing to him, convincing him when simple statements and opinions do not.

His heart is open, ready to love someone. Divine is known to take in wanderers in the Bay, always having a spare room or bed for someone to spend a night. Young, orphaned dragonets call his library a safehouse, a place where they will always be accepted. Reputation and bad names fall away in this little haven, and everything seems to pause.

  • turquoise themed scales
  • old 
    • little too old to be a dad, little too young to be a grandfather
  • runs this little run-down bookstore/library filled with these worn paperback classics & legends
  • pretty much this little cozy nook in the middle of nowhere open to wanderers
  • keeping your head up -birdy
  • "meditation" & "balance" n that kinda stuff


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