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Background Information
Creator Darkdragon2670
Aliases and nicknames Puzzle Master, Riddler, Discord
Main Attribute Sarcasm
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Animal Axolotl
Theme Color Dark reddish-pink
Theme Song
MBTI Personality INFJ
Character Information
Age Ten
Gender Male
Occupation Guard in The Mandatory
Tribe DeathWings (and TrickWings)
Goal Gain animus powers
Residence A cave in The Mandatory lair.
Relatives Pandemonium (mother); Apocalypse (father); Catastrophe (sister); Yama (uncle); Spiritus (cousin); Acror (cousin); Annhilation (cousin); Alcatraz (aunt); Mischief (uncle); Infortunii (uncle, deceased); Infilicitas (aunt); Instat (grandfather); Ruse (grandmother).
Allies Cheatsy, Lord Phasmophobia, Lazurite, Snow Flurry, Lazarus, Viridian
Enemies Anyone who stops him from having fun and calls him names.
Likes Darkness, a night sky, sunsets, peaches, most dragons.
Dislikes Judgmental dragons, dragons who call him a hypocrite, broken promises, dragons who ask him to repeat himself, lack of grammar, being sticky.
Powers and abilities, Can disorient enemies with a hallucinogenic venom, fairly resistant to disease.
Weapons Brutal fighter and the abilities above.
Weaknesses Arrogant, overconfident, dishonest, childish, cruel, possessive, obsessive, audacious, bold, callous, egotistical, impatient, judgmental, hypocritical, liar, obnoxious, overprotective, meddlesome, proud, rebellious, reckless, sarcastic, stubborn, tactless, temperamental, unpredictable, untrustworthy, vain
Ships None.
Quote "WHAT?! Don't you pity me! It's supposed to be the other way around! I am supposed to pity YOU because I'm me and YOU'RE YOU!!"


"Well this is embarrassing. There's there and here's here, which is weird because I clearly meant for us to be there and not here."
- Discordance
Discordance, or otherwise known as Discord, is a TrickWing/DeathWing hybrid with translucent dark purplish-red scales that are on the verge of being called black. Unlike purebred DeathWings, he lacks the enamel exocranium, but has glowing red eyes.

Behind his ears are the TrickWing frills, though his frills are not used to channel sound like purebred TrickWings, and are mainly just for show until he feels threatened, in which they serve as a RainWing ruff and will flare outwards to make him appear much more menacing than usual.

Along with his TrickWing frills, Discordance also has the sharp webbed spines like purebred TrickWings, though they can only be seen on the undersides of his forearms and are absent on his hind legs.

Discordance hatched with an unusually long neck, but despite this, he still stands a little bit shorter than most dragons. Though TrickWings have long fangs, Discordance hatched with only one, which is a common mutation in his family, and lacks the hallucinogenic vapor.


"You're welcome, you soft-slop dingbat!"
- Discordance
Discordance does not possess the corrosive vapor of DeathWings, but DOES have the hallucinogenic venom of the TrickWings, along with their resistance to disease. Not much is documented about his abilities.


"Oh go die, why don't you, you judgy, annoying, bleeding-heart dragonets!!"
- Discordance
Placeholder. I want to add his personality after I've finished his part in my fanfiction.
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