Dhole ref
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Dhole originall belonged to Dew, went to Peak, and now belongs to Scarab!


"Why would I care about appearances, mine or yours? I can't see anything, in case you couldn't tell."

Infobox Artist Dewdrop
Background Information
Creator Dewdrop
Adopter Peak, then Scarab
Character Information
Age 12 d.y
Gender male
Orientation hetero
Occupation hitman


Tribe Mud/Sky
Accessories 4 silver wristbands enchanted to give Dhole mental echolocation
Allies Wallaby
Enemies too many to name.
Likes getting paid
Dislikes death
Powers firebreath

sense of smell


Ships Wallahole (Wallaby x Dhole)
Quote "You either go out on your own terms, or by someone else."


- Back spines are dark reddish-brown

- Main scales are pale brown

- Secondary scales are paler

- Underbelly is very pale

- Eyes are red-brown because of his blindness

- Lots of scars by his eyes because some idiots scratched at them when he was younger

- Large spike on his nose

- Thin back legs like a SkyWing + whip tail

- 4 silver wristbands on both of his front and back legs to give him mental echolocation


"I'm never ending, and that's the difference to you and me."


"If our pasts define who we are, then I should have been driven stark mad years ago."


"I killed my first dragon when i was less than a year old. Can you beat that?"

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"Who wouldn't find me as charming and friendly as a dragonbite viper?"

relationships Wallaby - “I like her. She gets her jobs done quick and easy. I sometimes wish she’d get rid of the gold scales.”

name - “(Quote)”

"Like I care how I look, much less you."

- Quick Notes by Peak

- Now gonna be an underground crime ring leader-person

- Blind but still has wristbands

- Bunch of scars around eyes because he was born blind and some idiot dragonets scratched his eyes and made fun of him when he was small

- Huge underground crime thing called The Stalkers

- Wanted in all 7 kingdoms, no one has no idea where he is

- WOw this is dark

- He might be in Mature Content, I have no idea

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