Original sketch by NightStrike, colored/messsed with by Flames. Coding by AshenFlames. Do not use this character without permission.

"My brain is so full of useless stuff that I can't remember the important stuff."

Devyn | Dev | ♀
Background Information
Creator Flames!!
Main Attribute Nerdiness
Elemental Attribute Water
Theme Animal Coyote
Theme Color Purple
Theme Song "Isle of Flightless Birds" (twenty one pilots)
MBTI Personality ISTJ
Character Information
Age 14, going o 15
Gender Female
Orientation str8
Occupation Freshman in high school
Tribe tempwing
Goal get through school??
Residence Silverbay
Relatives Flower Eye (mom, living) Oak Talon (dad, living) Cayenne (brother, living) Rufus (woof woof dog, living)
Allies rp with her
Enemies rp with her
Likes chocolate, friends, family, band, marching band, drawing, reading, writing, sleep, traveling
Dislikes popular dragons, jerks, pop music, country, homework, heights
Powers and abilities Storm sense, charging
Weapons pencil
Ships has had crushes but no ships no
Quote "AHAHAHAHa memes."

Devyn, really, isn’t anything that exciting to look at. She has plain grey scales and black underscales. She has a purple transitional stripe. Her eyes are a striking blue, like a fireborn SkyWing’s. Her natural expression is somewhat emotionless, and generally helps her blend in with the crowd. She has a scar on her left knee.

She is slightly shorter than average, standing a good inch and a half below an average female her age. However, most of the dragons in her school are fricking giants, so she is probably six inches shorter than most males her age. Dev is wingless, with no bumps or half-formed wings attached to her. She hasn’t been bullied for this, yet. She wears black “nerd glasses” and is (probably) legally blind without them.

She likes to wear hoodies that are a few sizes too big and jeans. Devyn hates tight t-shirts and dresses. She loves baseball caps and beanies. Dev has four small earrings on her upper ear, and two gold hoops in her lower ear. She has to wear hypoallergenic earrings or her ears will itch like crazy. She almost always wears her class ring, which is silver and has her birthstone, garnet. She will also wear a leather cord necklace with a blue feather charm.

"Fear the flute."

Dev is categorized in the unpopular, non-athletic, nerd, and antisocial groups. She loves to read, write, and draw. She has a small friend group, but is extremely close to them. She despises any dragons she perceives as “mean” or have bullied one of her friends.

She loves food, especially anything sweet (CHOCOLATE!!!) and fruit. Her hands get shaky when she gets really hungry. She also becomes very hyper when she drinks coffee. Once, she was literally shaking because she had too much coffee. She hates gym class and 99% of the dragons in it.

"I spend most of my time thinking about dragons I hate for some obscure reason."

  • hatched January 8, 2003
  • got lil bro when she was almost 3
  • did school???
  • had one friend in kindergarten
  • moved to new school before 1st grade
  • made great fren (Lily) and are still frens!!!
  • did more school???
  • scarred knee in 3rd grade (fix ur sidewalks school!!!)
  • did more school???
  • joined marching band after she finished 8th grade, best decision ever!!
  • fav. teachers are her 7/8th grade history (Mr. Reid), 8th grade language ("Mr.G") and freshman science teacher (Mr. McCormick)

"I like food. Especially chocolate."


Disc: She really likes Disc!!! She likes her art and hopes they can be great friends.

Infinity: Devyn loves Infiniyt's art, and enjoys their crazy conversations. They are great friends.


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