Don't delete this dude please

this dude is fricken dead inside save him


"Why, yes, I am handsome indeed. Your not too bad yourself."

~ Deathclock.

- Black

- Belt of weapons

- Cowboy hat to cover his sins

- AKA the red X scar carved on his skull

- Jacket

- Red tank top


"I'm that type of guy that'll stab you in the back when your not looking. I'm just joking!"

~ Deathclock, lying to someone.

- Super humorus on the outside

- Will try to put out a pun occasionly

- Seems super friendly

- Really a super skilled killer and not afraid to kill dragons who thought he was there friends

- Likes to laugh

- Will flirt with any female

- If he doesn't he most likely actually likes this dragon

- Very insecure on the inside

- Will only kill dragons for a reasonable price

- Likes getting chased for some reason


"Hey, bub. You can't go around asking people that question. Jeez, some dragons..."

~ Deathclock.

- Parent's dying in a burning building

- Orphaned

- Being found by a group that works for a very larger assassin orginiaztion

- Was trained by them

- Went from an innocent dragon to a down right flirty killer


"Well, heck. I'm a Deathwing, of course I know some things."

~ Deathclock.

- Fast

- Vapor breath

- Flexible

- Sneaky

- Charmer



~ Deathclock.

Viride- Even though Deathclock has known the hybrid for about two weeks max, they've deveopled a close relationship. He hasn't flirted with her at all. This may be because he thinks of her as actually more then a friend. He finds the dragoness quite amusing, actually. Relationship to be deveolped by roleplay.

VenomCurse- old friend, wip

Timehunter- iffy, wip

Emily- best friend, wip

Dazzle- best friend, wip

Sherry- old lover, misses dearly, wip

Bex- hates, imitated by, wip



Name: Deathclock

Gender: Most likely male

Tribe: Unknown, possibly Deathwing according to some witnesses, or a black dragon who wears a skull

Build: Described as thin

Color: Black, slight grey underscales

Eyes: Unknown, witnesses report

Misc: Wears western hat, wears skull, often seen with a jacket

Known Kills: Rounded to 30

- Dangerous, known killer. Possibly very aggressive. Not much is known, making him very dangerous. Should call for backup instantly if found.


"Yeah, I've drawn before."

~ Deathclock.
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