Fill Out Thing, By Luster The RainWing.

  1. What Is There Full Name? Do They Have A Nickname? Dead Melody. In Public, She Just Calls Herself Melody.
  2. When Were They Born? On A Island, All Alone.

3.What Are There Parents Name? Do They Know There Parents? Why/ Why Not? Her Parents Are Called ClawScraper And Repel. She Doesn't Know Them, Because She Hatched On The Lost Island. 4. Do They Have Any Brothers Or Sisters? A half-Brother, And A Half-Sister. You'll have To Research My Other OCs To Know Who They Are.

5. What Tribe Are They? Does This Effect Their Upbringing Or Personality? It Does. Being A Hybrid of The Two Sneaky Tribes, She's A Wicked Killer.

6. What Is Their Complexion Like? What Kind Of Expression Is Normal For Them? A Smirk Is Her Normal Look.

7. What Body Type Are They? Any Other Distinguishing Features Other Members Of There Tribes Would Notice? She's Skinnier, More Agile, And Stranger Then Any Other TrickWing Or DeathWing. Most Dragons Don't Know She Exsists Though.

8. What Is There Opinion On Other Tribes? She's Thinks All Tribes Are The Same.

9. Are They Judgmental Of Others? What Do They Look For In Companions? Enemies? She Doesn't Really Let Other Dragons Live Long Enough For Her To know Them.

10. Have They Ever Been To Another Tribe's Territory? What Did They Think? Did Anything Good/Bad Happen? She Never Left Her Island. Ever.

11. What Are They Like When They Stay Up All night? Do they Stay Up All Night In The First Place? The Last Time She Slept Was When She Was 1 Years Old.

12. Have They Ever Been In Trouble? Are They Honest Or Do They Lie To Dodge Blame? She Lies BIG Time.

13. What Do They Do On Rainy Days? Any Other Hobbies? On Rainy Days, She Usually Keeps BloodSeeker Dry.

14. What Traits And Ideas Do They Value? She Likes Ideas About Killing.

15. What Word Do They Overuse The Most? What Word Do They Despise?

She Overuses The Term, "Death." They Also Hate The Word, "Love."

16. What Do They wear In Public? Anything? She Likes To Wear Bones Of The Dragons She Kill All Over Her Body.

17. Do They have Tattoos, Piercings, Or Other Artificial Modifications? What Are The Stories Behind Them? She Has A Snake Drawing On Her UnderScales, Drawn By The Blood Of The Dragons She Killed.

18. What Type Of Environment Are They Most Comfortable In? Do They Handle Stress Well? She Enjoys The Island, And Likes To Put Venom On The Branches So Smoke Would Come From Them. She Has To Kill To handle Stress.

19. Do They Have Enemies? Why Are They Enemies? She Hates Every Dragon That Steps On Her Island, Because She's Afraid They Will Hurt BloodSeeker.

20. What Inspires Them? Who Are There Role Models? What Do They Aspire To Be/Do? She Doesn't Really Know What "Role Models" Mean.


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