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 a p p e a r a n c eThis little dragon stands out in crowds. His bright scales, curved horns, and barbels make him stand out in any crowd of dark-scaled NightWings. To add to that, he dresses like you wouldn't think a normal NightWing would, wearing pale-colored capes and jewelry. Not that he is any sort of normal NightWing.

Darksea's mainscales are not dark, and neither are they the color of the sea. His mainscales are cornflower blue, small white teardrop scales leading down his body. His topscales are sapphire blue, the color of the sea. Darksea's underbelly is Carribean blue, with aquamarine bioluminescent scales starting just below his throat, and ending about halfway down his tail.

Darksea's horns are long and thin, curved at the end and the same cornflower blue as the long, spiked scales down his back. His cornflower blue talons are stubby and blunt, which comes from him often tripping and stubbing them on random things. On his chest are longer cornflower blue spines with Carribean blue webbing between them.

Darksea is tiny and a bit chubby. He's compact, and his wings are long and large, drooping on the ground and dragging behind him. He stands about a head shorter than most dragons his age, and he will stay that way all throughout his life.

Darksea wears a pastel pink cape over his back, occasionally flipping the hood onto his head when he wants to feel mysterious. A small hoop earring made out of rose quartz hangs from his right ear. A ring near the base of his horn and one on the tip are made from the same stone.

 p e r s o n a l i t y
h i s t o r y  
 l i k e s / d i s l i k e s
s t r e n g t h s
w e a k n e s s e s  
 r e l a t i o n s h i p s
t r i v i a
 g a l l e r y

inspiration will be drawn from galene and artemis

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