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Art by Designed by MLG1215, drawn by Wyndbain
Creator MLG1215
Attribute Bland
Element Stone
Animal Jaguar
Color Blue
Song Brand New (Ben Rector)
Age About 7 (dragon), 28 (human)
Gender Male
Occupation TempestWing citizen
Tribe TempestWings (SeaWing ancestor)
Goal To survive
Residence Stormtouch
Likes Fish
Dislikes Dragons ignoring him
Powers Normal TempestWing abilties
Quote "Life is like a roller coaster, you never know when you're ganna throw up."


Darksea has a interesting look. About four generations back, there was a SeaWing so he looks a bit odd. He has dark blue scales with navy blue transitional scales. His eyes are a vibrant blue. Unlike other TempestWings, Darksea has no horns. His spines are the color of his scales. His wing membranes are super boring, being a plain navy blue, like his transitional scales.


Boring because his life is boring. Find out more in a RP. Has always wanted to be a soldier but knows he can't because he looks like a deformed SeaWing.


Lives with his brother who is a blacksmith. He is jealous of his brother because his brother is normal.


Please add photos of Darksea to the gallery, I'm a terrible artist!PLEASE ADD IMAGES!!!!!!!!!!!!
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