Artist ☁️
Creator ☁️
Coding ☁️
Attribute Poise
Element Mist
Animal Damselfly
Color Turquoise
Age 9
Gender Female
Orientation Lesbian
Occupation Bookstore assistant
Tribe SeaWing SilkWing
Residence Pantala
Relatives Imperial and Atlanta
Allies Divine, Descant
Likes -
Dislikes -
Abilities Detecting vibrations, skilled swimmer
Loves Descant
Quote "I forgot to mention... you can shut up now."
Damselfly is a hybrid, but from afar it isn't obvious. She has the lithe, slender build most wish for, her body still young and untouched by the elements. She's tall, with sharp angles in her build.
Her form is more SilkWing, her silhouette only hinting at her SeaWing blood with the webbing running down her back and between her talons. Two delicate antennae sprout from her forehead, capable of sensing vibrations.
She does have another clue to her other tribe, however. SeaWing glow scales line her snout and underbelly. A few small swirls are also present on her four insect-like wings.
Her scales are bright cyan, smooth and shiny. They lack the glitter of most SilkWings, closer to polished metal than faceted gems. Her underbelly is a plain, soft pale blue, a sharp contrast with the gleam of her scales.
Her spines are a darker, medium blue, flashy in the way of SilkWing scales, catching the light and throwing it back in pure glittery glory. Her claws are the same shade, and have similar attributes.
The webbings between her spines are claws are a light periwinkle, translucent and thin. They have yet to be worn and scratched; the curves still smooth and free of scars.
Her wings are large, and shaded a light almost purple indigo, nearly translucent and patterned like an insect's. The outer edge is lined with swirls and starbursts, the SilkWing changing into a little bit of SeaWing on the end.
Her bioluminesent scales glitter, bright even which she hasn't yet turned them on. Every last one, even those on her wings, are bone white. Perhaps there's a slight tint of blue or gray in them, for nothing in nature can be complete and pure.
Her horns are a similar white, but lacks the glittering feel. Both are sharply curved and the slightest bit shorter than most SilkWings. A tattoo is inked into the outer edge of the left one; an abtract pattern of blue and purple flowers.
Her deep blue eyes are intense, expressive. Her expressions often change; her emotions written across her face in a constant downpour, one that she rarely tries to stop. She doesn't care enough to.
She is who she is, and she'd long accepted it.




  • A damselfly is a slender insect related to the dragonflies, having weak flight and typically resting with the wings folded back along the body. The nymphs develop in water.

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