• Sand (thinks she’s half Mud)
  • female
  • good with a blade
  • trickster/pickpocket
  • lives in Possibility, dreams to see the world
  • reckless as can be


(By FR, and Starchaser!!)


  • lots of sheaths with differnt daggers
  • lots of little knife scars
  • crimson silks
  • really tall and thin
  • she’d skimp on food just to keep her look
  • bad idea in the long run


  • Reckless
  • like, the most reckless dragon to ever exist
  • like, she‘d jump off a cliff with one wing tied behind her back
  • nah, she’d Jump with both tied
  • loyal
  • destructive
  • Wants to see the desert
  • hates the cold with her whole being
  • actually as kinda low self-esteem


  • Born and raised in Possibility
  • named after her mother’s favorite dagger
  • uh, heard a few stories from travelers and merchants, and decided she wanted to be like that
  • thinks Possibility boring
  • plans to get out at the first chance
  • isnt ready in the slightest for what the world really is
  • believes she’s a Mud/Sand hybrid, but she’s a pure Sand... yeah
  • Wallaby is planning for her to become the next leader of the Tigers. Dagger doesn’t know.


Feel free to ask. Dagger is also open for RP


“My mother? Oh she’s really cool. She always brings me the coolest blades and things. I kinda wish she was home more...”

Dagger is oblivious to her mother’s job, or her affiliation with the Tigers. She adores her, but believes her to be to control and protecting. Positive/Neutral

Dhole (Peak)

“Dhole’s really fun! He taught me to hunt. He actually taught me that flying isn’t always the best...”

Dagger adores her father figure, as he mostly raised her when she was too young to be left alone. She hasn’t the slights idea she isn’t his fleas and blood, and neither does he. Positive


  • Doesn't really use her fire-breath
  • Red is her favorite color
  • Whoops and shouts a lot


“How do you know my mother?”

“Watch this!”

“Hold my drink.”


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