"You can use her, but you must ask for my permission. If I find anyone has used Cyclone without my permission, I will TEAR THEIR HEAD OFF"

-By Animus Princess Dawn


Most of Cyclone's scales are scarlet red, the scales on her head and on her snout are aquamarine. Her underscales are a dull gray, and she has amber eyes. She has luminiscent scales like a SeaWing, but instead of blue light up scales, they are orange. She also has light up scales under her eyes and along her snout. Her wings are red, and her wing membrane is mostly blue-green, like her snout, except there are orange tinges at the tips.



Cyclone was never loved - Her two parents, Bluebottle and Hummingbird, left her in Sanctuary to rot when she was two. Even though her parents loved each other, they never wanted dragonets, especially such an obvious hybrid. This childhood loss led to her being mistrusting and ominous, and she never socialized with other dragons.

She stayed in Sanctuary for a while, living off scraps, when a strange IceWing prince approached her one day. She was very suspicious of him, but soon grew close to him once she found out who he was: Winter the IceWing prince, who had roughly around the same personality as herself.

Winter told her about Jade Mountain, and Cyclone registered there at once. Now being a student, she was put in the Sapphire winglet (along with Dawn and Strawberry) in the hopes that she could socialize better if put with these dragons. After being exceptionally hostile towards the two of them, Cyclone gradually warmed up to them, especially Icefire, the SkyWing/IceWing hybrid.

In Shattered Dawn (spoiler alert)

Cyclone, in Shattered Dawn, appears during the introductions class, when Sungazer arrives. She is shown to be cold and smart, and is the only dragonet in the Sapphire Winglet without a skyfire pouch. Her thoughts, as pointed out by Dawn, worry the princess about her intelligence, as she was the only dragonet to notice that Dawn was hiding something, which are her animus powers, although she didnt know it at the time. She also seems to have a crush on Icefire.

Afterwards, Cyclone wakes Dawn up and leads her to the prey center, where they see Icefire catching some prey. Cyclone is awed but doesn't admit to it, although Dawn saw this in her mind.


Sapphire Winglet:

NightWing - Dawn

SeaWing - Strawberry

RainWing - Daydream (formerly)

SkyWing -  Cyclone (formerly)

IceWing - Icefire

SandWing - Sungazer


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