This is Crystaleyes the RainWing-NightWing-Mudwing's OC (obviously) please no editing or using without my permission. (some of this is from my real life, such as the identity confusion, but not all of it is)


She has blacks wings as well as a black tail, her wings and talons are a mahogany color, her underbelly is black with a very few light green flecks. Due to a deformity (if thats what you want to call it) from her RainWing blood her eyes can change color instead of her scales.


Early life

She was a mostly confused dragonet, when she went to school she was completely confused about everything. She was that girl who didn't really fit into any friend group. Popular ones? nope not one bit. Smart ones? I mean she's smart but also doesn't like talking about it. Goofy ones? meh she wasnt goofy enough to fit in there either. She mostly was the one who everyone in school knew her name and what she was like, but no one really stayed and talked to her. Then she was confused about her sexuality, for a while she thought she was aroace because she didn't like anyone. Then she thought she was trans due to starting to like girls and starting to have a few guy friends. Then she just dismissed this completely. because she didn't fit into any friends groups she started to grow a bit depressed, thinking nobody cared about or would even notice who she was or if she left the school, but it was nothing too major yet.

Middle life

As she became an almost adult she grew more and more depressed, she once disappeared while they were hunting and they didn't notice she was gone for 2 days, she figured no one really cared about her... until the new student came. As always the new student got their friend group and since they were new everyone wanted to know them. She started talking to Crystaleyes, and they got to know each other better, she started to develop feelings for her and figured out she was definitely lesbian. She always saw the new kid looking at the other girls, and confessed to her, but then. She rejected her and never talked to her again. Just as she was about to take her own life, she heard a voice. (So VERY VERY sorry but I GTG RIGHT NOW, WIP)

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