"I like sleeping on the floor anyway! It reminds me of the ice back home. It's so HOT here! I should have brought a block of ice from The Ice Kingdom."- Crystal about sleeping arrangements with her clawmate, Crepuscular


Crystal is usually a blur of white scales and multicolored freckles and horns, but on the rare occasions this bouncy dragonet is sitting still, you would see this: A dragon of a slender build and average height, with bright, multicolored horns and claws, along with a few rainbow freckles dancing across her face. Crystal's  scales are pure white, and her underscales are the lightest shade of pink-lavender-white. She has a sharp crest of icicle spikes on her head, neck, and back. but thick, short RainWing horns. Her eyes are bright and pale, frostbite blue. Crys has a prehensile tail she loves to use to hang upside down with. Her snout is cute and short, a bit turned up, but not noticeably so. Most dragon swould call Crys "cute" but not beautiful. 

"THEY ARE DELICIOUS," - Crystal about slushies


Crys is hyper, bouncy, and quite loud- she doesn't mean to be, but often her excitement gets the best of her and her voice booms out louder than neccesary. She is always moving, always joyful, and always chock full of energy. She excels at sports because she is so motivated and eager to do her best. Crystal is spirited and good at defending her passions- this energetic dragonet goes all-in for all of her interests. She is also quite good at chess, it is her favorite game. The reason she is good at it is her imagination- she imagines her pieces are her kingdom and she is the queen commanding them into battle. Crystal is 100% extroverted- she is determined to make friends with as many dragons as possible. 

"HELLO POSSIBLE NEW FRIEND." Crstal's customary greeting. 


Her dad is an Icewing named Drift, her mother a RainWing called Tangerine, Being a RainWing, Tangerine was never much interested in parenting, so she left Crys with Drift- however she took Crystal's sister, Cranberry (as she was better suited to the rainforest). Drift sent Crystal to Sapphire Cove Academy as a present for her sixth hatching day.


"Robin? He's so adorable! Like, SO CUTE. My big cute strawberry, hehe. Also, he's totally my boyfriend!"

Robin- Crystal's boyfriend- she's completely in love with this SkyWing, and thinks of him as best friend, too. She thinks he's cute an adorable and hilarious, and she cares abut him very deeply,


  • She has never met her mother or sister
  • Likes wearing sweaters
  • Is addicted to sugar
  • She wants to meet Cranberry, who her father talks about quite a lot
  • is smarter than she lets on
  • Has a polar bear cub as a pet back home


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