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Life is too short to be tame.

Background Information
Creator Treasurefinder
Artist EnigmaTheHybrid
Main Attribute Positivity
Elemental Attribute Fire
Theme Animal Dog
Theme Color Black, purple, blue / red, yellow, orange
Theme Song Set it Off ~ Why Worry

Owl City ~ Embers

MBTI Personality ESFJ-T
Character Information
Age Around 20-ish human years
Gender Male
Occupation Doesn't truly have one, although he calls himself a "Flamethrower Problem Solver".
Tribe NightWing
Goal To fix problems...with flame.
Residence Rainforest Kingdom
Relatives Dead parents; mom died before he could remember and his dad was his mentor before he fell to disease.
Allies Friends; Syn, Cliché
Enemies What he considers "bad" people
Likes Fire, optimism, unique dragons
Dislikes Staying inside the box, being "bad"
Powers and abilities Um he's good at using fire
Weapons Fire
Ships Complicated; has a crush on Syn but she doesn't like him back--they're just friends, although he's a little uncomfortable
Quote "Fire fixes everything. Trust me."

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Crusade has a large build. Not fat, but large. He's rather short for his age, making him seem even bigger than he actually is. His horns and ears are quite large, too, adding to the effect even more.

Crusade has, at first glance, plain black scales. Look closer, though, and you'll see that the black has blues and purples mixed in, making his scales have a very rich tone. His underbelly is of a silvery-grey color, and his horns, claws, etc. are an ivory white.

His wing membranes are a black-orange gradient, with very apparent orange at the base of his wings and none at the tip. His front talons have this too, being orange at the fingers and becoming black before the orange reaches his wrists. He has orange eyes that match his wings and talons.

He usually has several small cuts and burns on his body, especially around his talons, from his fire obsession. He has a permanent scratch scar on his left cheek that he's had since his hatching day and a scar from a third-degree burn on his right shoulder, which crawls down to his right elbow.

In timelines where applicable, he usually wears a messy shirt and shorts or pants, and is rarely formal. Oftentimes, his shirt is too big or his pants are a little too small, but he doesn't care as long as he doesn't feel uncomfortable.

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Crusade has an interesting personality.

He is extremely positive and happy. He is very emotional, and he is always trying to help others. He is wonderful at not only knowing what others are feeling, but he feels it along with them. He is very extroverted, and he loves talking to others.

Crusade relies on what has worked in the past to make his decisions... when he makes one. He is very indecisive, and oftentimes one of his friends will have to make a decision for him. In times that he has to follow his instinct instead of the past, he uses the outside world to his benefit.

Crusade can be logical and on-point when he needs to be, however, using his logical mindscape burns him down quickly. Most of this is inside his head--he has amazing practical skills, but he has convinced himself that he can't use logic for very long.

Crusade has been called "crazy" several times. He almost has an obsession with fire, and he is determined to use this fire to burn every "bad" dragon alive. He is convinced that he can use flame to solve problems for both himself and others.

Crusade is very loyal, and he is very caring and empathetic. He knows what he has to do to help others, and he is glad to do it. This has almost caused him to become too selfless. Crusade would save a stranger's life, even if it meant he would have to die in their place.

He is very sensitive to others. What is meant to be constructive criticism may end up making him jump to the worst conclusions. He wants to maintain a good image, and he relies on a good reputation.

Crusade can function well when given what he needs and wants. Sometimes this can go too far, and he ends up giving a "needy" energy. He has a set code, which has worked in the past. He is extremely reluctant to go against this because new solutions might not work.

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Crusade's first memory was when his father taught him to keep a fire going. All he remembers about it was his fascination with the way the sticks were piled up, making sure everything was right, and then a deep breath... and then the fire that had been exhaled was there, still burning.

Although it seems like a small event, it forever shaped the way Crusade thought. He had confidence that the bad in the world could be removed, burned down, if he only tried hard enough. On the NightWing island, he was always uncomfortable, and always was pushed down for his happy demeanor. He still managed to make several friends, although they still somewhat shamed him for his optimism.

When Glory became queen of the NightWings, Crusade, unlike most other NightWings, was overjoyed, and accepted the queen with open arms. He made friends with Synesthesia, the RainWing, and Cliche, the IceWing-RainWing hybrid there, along with many other dragons he liked.

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  • Crusade's family is rumored to have slight traces of SkyWing blood, but no one knows if this is true. Many desperate dragons claim that his orange hues are caused by this, but the counter is always that the genes would have faded into almost nothing a long time ago.
  • When Crusade was a small dragonet, he had a phase where he would draw everything. He quickly grew out of this when he learned that he had no artistic ability at all.
  • Crusade is rarely picked for jobs due to how awkward his personality can sometimes make him, but he would have ended up being a guard if he could possibly be dubbed "normal".

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