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Crowcall, or CC, has black scales with a purple tint. Her face has a small scar right by her eyes. Her eyes are royal blue, and her spikes are actually navy blue. Her horns and claws are shiny silver, and her talons are darker than her main scales.


Crowcall is a talkative and extroverted dragon, willing to chat with anybody who doesn't try to harm her or her friends. She likes being around other dragons, and really dislikes being alone unless she absolutely has to be. She's very patient until somebody crosses the line too far, and then she is like a raging river, swelling up to attack her enemy or rebuke the annoyance. She is very encouraging and supportive, especially for her adopted daughter. For some reason, she really hates lack of grammar.


She has no special powers besides the normal TempestWing abilities.





Gracie is CC's adopted daughter, and they both take care of each other. Since Crowcall found Gracieux alone in a town, with nobody to protect her, the TempestWing decided to take care of the dragonet, and has watched Gracie grow into a young adult.


CC and Kosto have a pretty good friendship. Crowcall treats him just as good as she treats Gracie, and she protects him like he was her own dragonet.


The other adult in the group is viewed as respectable and intellegent by CC.


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