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Cristen is an IceWing who lives near the beginning of the wing of Pyrrhia.


Unlike most IceWings who have a well kept form, Cristen doesn't bother and has a chubby form. This causes most to assume him to be a MudWing hybrid of some sorts. He appears in a shade of snowy gray with a few streaks of slate on his wing membranes.

His eyes are also a slate color, which gives him a bit of a charm. Cristen's tail spines are rather dull, as he doesn't like to hurt anyone unless necessary, though his attacks are rather slow due to his shape, but he doesn't mind.

Back Story

Cristen was born to two second circle nobles who expected him to reach the highest circles in the IceWing hierarchy. Cristen, however, had other ideas. He couldn't see any point to climbing to the top if it meant he couldn't be with his friends in the lower circles.

So even though he continued to study very hard in class, outside of it, he didn't bother to hunt to earn a higher circle level. Due to his unwillingness to move around often, he started to gain a bit of weight, much to his parent's disapproval. His friends didn't mind, but their own parents started to pressure them to go to higher ranks.

Cristen had enough. He started to plan an escape outside the kingdom, with his friends in tow, so that their parents would never force them apart ever again. Some were reluctant, needless to say, and stopped meeting with them. Others were willing to take the risk, and Cristen thanked them for doing so.

So on the night of a gala, when all their parents were occupied with making sure the party was perfect, the group of seven sneaked out of their homes and took off, the oncoming blizzard covering up their tracks and scent. No one they came across found them to be suspicious, so they were able to make it to the Great Ice Cliff. But there they were nearly captured by one of Cristen's friends who didn't agree with the plan at the last second, and told the adults. It looked hopeless, but then the blizzard struck, giving the group a chance to disappear into the night.

They couldn't leave the cold environment, so they stayed near the wing edge of Pyrrhia, and found a place to call home. Getting food was easy since they could fish, but whenever they got sick, Cristen had to take a risk by going to the nearest town without anyone looking at their missing dragonet posters.

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