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Crisscross is a dragon that you would probably notice in a crowd. He has a enamel exocranium mask, and a frill with no webbing in between the frill. Crisscross is a dark blue-grey hybrid that has the body of a Trickwing and the wings, head, and legs of a Deathwing . He has fins on his forelegs but no long fangs, and his one of his iris's is purple while the other is auburn. And his talons are trasparent.


Crisscross is a dragon of few words and likes to keep his sentences short. He is not very open with other dragons besides his parents. He looks timid and shy in public but he is accually very cunning and smart. If Crisscross does make a friend he would be friendly to them and talk to them more but that rarely happens because of his job of being a assassin.


Crisscross's mother Pandora was feeling depressed while flying over Deathwing territory. Feeling like she no one liked her and she was alone she stopped in Deathwing territory and cried. Deathtouch who was partoling around the outskirts of the Deathwing kingdom found Pandora crying and thats how Crisscross's parents met. Crisscross was born on the small little island in between the neck and wing of Pyrriha, his parents agreed to share Crisscross because they now lived in their separate kingdoms. So for the first four years of Crisscrosses life he was traveling between two kingdoms and learn a great deal from both tribes. When Crisscross was six he enroled for a soilder training camp and found out he had a way with sneaking about and hiding. Seeing this his teachers switched him to a assassin group where he learned the art of assassination.


Crisscross can see in the dark, has extra sharp claws and is fairly resistant to disease. And he likes to use his twin blade kukri's.


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Pandora: Crisscross loves his mother but doesn't show it in public because to could endanger her, but when he is not in public he enjoy's cooking with her and sharing stories.

Deathtouch: Crisscross does look up to his father because he was the reason Crisscross got into the assassination group in the first place. He does enjoy praticing fighting techniques with his father and hunting.



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