Crimson Spear/Painter's Brush is a male exiled DeathWing who now resides in Possibility with his wife, Cirrus.

Appearance 🖌

Crimson Spear/Painter's Brush at first glance looks like a NightWing, but indeed he's just a DeathWing. His scales are a dark gray, so dark they almost appear to be black, but spattered with dark, though still lighter, gray speckles like someone melted steel and flung it all over his body. He is also dotted with small spots of bright colors, green, blue, yellow, so you think RainWing, but when you look closer, not only does he not have a ruff, but it's only paint along his scales. You look into his dark auburn eyes that seem to have little bits of yellow in them, and though they seem to glow, they are crinkled heavily from his wide smile, his white teeth showing.

His wing membranes are just a tad lighter than the rest of his body, as are his claws.

His face is black like any NightWing, but if you look closer, you can see hints of white, his mask, peeking out from the black paint that he has covered his mask with, where the paint is peeling and chipping. His horns, somehow miraculously a darker shade of gray, are long and curved slightly inward and there's a chip in one of them, the tip is broken off. 

Around his neck, sitting on a leather string, is something odd. It looks like a . . . shard of broken plate?? Not too big, white, with little black spirals on it, and jagged around the edges. He also wears small bracelets of pure onyx, and a single black earring in one ear. 

Personality 🖌

Painter's Brush, on the outside is a kind, quite dragon. He does his work quietly, and never complains. He's very humble and gentle, and thinks of all dragons as special and kind, no matter what they have done, he is convinced that there is a good side to everyone, if you look hard enough, you will find it.

He loves Cirrus with every ounce of his body, and never wants to let her go, even if it means destroying his own life.

Which he did. Underneath that kindness, there is a layer of guilt. He feels horrible for what he did to his mother, father, and everyone in the DeathWing tribe, and blames himself for everything that happened. There are some nights where he wishes that he could go back to it all, but he only has to look at Cirrus sleeping next to him, and realizes that he did the right thing.

They never would have let them be together. But deep down, Painter's Brush questions whether this is actually true. He still celebrates All Death Day with Cirrus, and he is glad that is still something that they can do.

Painter's Brush, since he was kind of kept apart his whole life, he's pretty gullible, and usually Cirrus has to save him from being swindled out of a lot of stuff.

History 🖌

(Let's just call him Crimson Spear for now :D)

Crimson Spear was born on a dark, moonless night. His mother had been watching his egg nonstop since she laid it. She had already lost four eggs in her lifetime, and she knew that she couldn't lose any more or it would destroy her.

The moment he hatched, she vowed that she would keep him safe at all costs. She would never let anything happen. The moment he hatched, his father, Yellow Flower walked in, setting down his bloodied spear.

Yellow Flower loved to tell stories about an epic battle with a SkyWing, flames licking along his scales before he finally stabbed the SkyWing, but in reality, the blood on his spear was his own, when he accidentally stabbed his palm coming home.

But nonetheless, with her eyes glinting, Eagle Cry named her only living child after the spear. So his name was Crimson Spear.

He grew up like any normal DeathWing would, going to school, then going back home to battle train with his father. His father was determined that he would be one of the most successful warriors that the world has ever seen, able to take on a thousand SkyWing's at once.

Over the months, Crimson Spear began to gather more cuts and scars from him father. He didn't blame his father, or get angry, after all it was his fault. But it also wasn't! For something distracted him constantly. Art, and any type of beauty. While training, he might get distracted by a beautiful sunset, or waving grass.

He just didn't want to be a guard. Then came his opening day. It was All Death Day, his fourth, but this time he was old enough to take an active part in it. All Death Day was a very important day to his family, especially the last day when they would visit his four deceased siblings, and all their dead cousins and uncles and grandparents. He was in charge of the painting of he and his family, and the moment they walked in, their scales now painted in brilliant shades of gold, green, and every color in between, everyone audibly gasped. They all asked, "Who painted that?" And they would grudgingly point to their son. The Lady Tawny Owl eventually got wind of this, and hired Crimson Spear to be the official painter.

Crimson Spear was overjoyed, but his parents were skeptical. He now devoted all his time to painting multiple things, such as portraits of the royals, of the Chamber, All Death Day, then someone would come, whisk them away, and he would never see them again.

But frankly, he didn't mind. It kept him busy and relatively happy. But his parents just kept pushing for him to be a guard, and finally, after many a heated conversation, he agreed to go out on one patrol. Secretly though, he didn't mind as much as he said he did. It would give him a good chance to go out and paint some portraits, maybe of a sunset.

So he packed a few small canvases, a few paints and left, flying away. Little did he realize how much his life was about to change. Unfortunately, he had a long way to fly, but he would stop numerous times to paint. By the time he reached the border, he had already filled up all but one of his canvases.

That's when he spotted her. She was laying on the ground, her sunset-like scales writhing as she convulsed in pain, one of her wings in a bloody mess, the other gone completely. And that's when he realized something else, as he landed right beside her. She was a SkyWing.

Covered with blood, his enemy was unconscious, and looked half-dead. So he did what any sane DeathWing would do in this situation. He fainted.

When he woke up, he was laying on a small bed, and the blurry shape of the SkyWing was hovering in front of him. He panicked automatically, flailing around until she held him down, glaring into his eyes.

"Good." She snapped. "You're awake." He asked her why she didn't just kill him. After all, they were life-long enemies. Her snout twisted into a smile. She said 'because I want to see your face as you watch your own life pour onto the ground.' Well, at that, Crimson Spear nearly fainted again. He said "I don't think that would work." after he managed to not scream and faint and throw up all at the same time. She asked him why.

He shifted uncomfortably. He had never revealed his secret to anyone besides his family. Family was important to the DeathWing's, you wouldn't share family secrets with one random SkyWing. But it might also keep him alive . . . so wasn't it worth the risk? "I'm scared of blood." He finally admitted.

She stared at him. And stared some more. Then she started to laugh. She just kept laughing and laughing, but when he tried to sidle away, her head snapped towards him. "Give me one good reason not to kill you." She snapped, her voice no-nonsense again. He hesitated for a long time. And then gave her a reason that even sounded lame to his ears.

"I could paint you. You're . . . um . . . very pretty. It would be fun." She paused, then looked down at her wings, which were wrapped in tight, crimson bandages. "Don't mock me." She snapped. But he smiled, taking out his paints.

"I'll be done soon." But he wasn't done soon. He became absorbed in his painting, observing every inch of her, before bending down to paint every inch of her. In fact, it was three days before he finally finished. But when he finally showed her, even she had to admit it was beautiful. Shyly, he offered to come back every week to paint her, as a reward for not killing him when she had the chance. So she agreed.

And he flew back home. His parents were suspicious at first that he kept asking to go on guard duty near the SkyWing mountains every week, well . . . his mom was pretty suspicious, but his father was overjoyed. He was convinced that after that one patrol, his son had changed his ways. So he let him go on his patrols. So Crimson Spear went to the mountains every week like he had promised, painting Cirrus so many times that soon her whole house was covered with his paintings.

Slowly, his paintings became a little more personal, a little less portrait-y, a little less what she was, and more what he hoped could happen. Like them sitting on a hillside, watching a sunset together. Or them laying on a field of grass, looking up at the sky. Soon he realized he was falling for her, which was weird because he never imagined he could ever fall for someone, ESPECIALLY a SkyWing. His weekly visits became every couple days, and then practically every day.

One day he came, and handed her a painting he had already done. It was both of them at All Death Day, covered with beads, dancing together. Cirrus stared up at him, her mouth agape as he held out his talon to her. He wanted her to go to All Death Day with him. And she surprisingly agreed, but pointed out that they probably wouldn't appreciate a SkyWing there. So he pulled out black paint and grinned, saying "but what if you didn't look like a SkyWing?"

So he painted her scales black, and pulled out a white paper mâché mask, placing it onto her head. She was still way too big to be a DeathWing, her wings too large, she was too tall, but it looked like it would work. So he covered her with feathers and beads to try and distract from her. And they flew back to All Death Day, celebrating together. His parent's were extremely suspicious of who this dragon was, but they figured they would ask after the celebration

But it didn't quite work out like that. For on the second day, something happened. Crimson Spear and Cirrus were dancing together, their wings clapping together, but Crimson Spear had never been too good at dancing, and so he accidentally collided with Cirrus, and they both went toppling into a small pond. Crimson Spear was unharmed and unaffected, but Cirrus' paint suddenly melted away.

His parents gasped and suddenly grabbed him and threw him inside their house. Crimson Spear's uncle and grandmother had both died during the Ariel Invasion, so they hated SkyWing's with everything they had. So they demanded why he had brought one to this sacred event. He tried to come up with a good lie, but finally, he clasped talons with her, and said "I love her." His mother practically screamed with rage, and his father towered over him. They didn't believe it. They didn't want to believe it.

His father suddenly understood why he had wanted to go on all those patrols. He said that he had to choose. He had to choose between this SkyWing or his family. He fully expected Crimson Spear to answer with "Family", because that is what was most important in a DeathWing's life. But Crimson Spear had seen what life was like outside The Gathering, and said that if being a DeathWing meant staying apart from the other tribes and never exploring, then he didn't want to be a DeathWing anymore. He turned to leave with Cirrus.

His mother responded by promptly throwing a plate at him, which smashed right next to his head. Weirdly, he picked up a piece of the plate, which he would later hang around his neck. Cirrus and him left, and it didn't occur to him what he had just done until they were in Possibility. He had left it all behind. His family. All Death Day. His dead siblings. His whole future as a DeathWing. But looking up at Cirrus' face, he realized something, he would do it again and again if it meant being with her.

He tried pulling off his mask, which would both symbolize him leaving behind his DeathWing life forever, but also make sure that everyone only thought of him as a NightWing, and not a DeathWing at all. But it hurt much more than he thought it could possibly hurt, and so after much pain, he finally decided to just paint over it. It wasn't perfect by any means, but dragons stopped looking at him strangely.

Crimson Spear hated his name. He had never thought it matched him well, but he couldn't bring himself to change him name to more of a NightWing name. He couldn't bring himself to leave behind the last part of him that was a DeathWing. So he named himself Painter's Brush, and started painting for money in Possibility.

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