Crimson is Wolfy's oc! If you want to use her in something, please ask first-- but Wolfy will almost definitely say yes!


Crimson is, on the surface, a friendly, happy-go-lucky, harmless Dragon. But truly... she's a double agent against a guild of assassins.

Crimson is a nice dragon... but I wouldn't recommend making her mad. Like her friend, Wolfy, she has a habit of throwing stuff when mad. Like, when almost threw her dagger at her best friend Zircon. Seriously. Around dragons she isnt comfortable with, Crimson is somewhat insecure, and acts kinda cool to hide the fact that she is shy. She also dosent want people to know she's lesbian, for fear of being bullied.


In dragon form, Crimson is a tall, thin, bright red/orange SkyWing. She always wears a Skyfire bracelet and has a blue puppy tattoo on her leg.


Crimson was born a shapeshifter-- a very rare and unusual power. Her most common forms are a scavenger with red hair and a red puppy. In all of these forms, she still has a blue tattoo on her leg/arm, and is generally wearing an orange sweater with green khakis and a puppy T-shirt underneath.

She had to keep her power a secret from everybody for years. The first Dragon she told was Zircon, then Ebony and Wolfy.



"Hi, strange-forgetful-dragon-person-withastrangernamethathasslippedmymind."


With OCs: Wolfy- Crimson is pretty comfortable around Wolfy, despite Wolfy's initial strangeness. The two of them often both share a love for marshmallows. Zircon- Zircon is her oldest friend, so Crimson would trust him with her life, and she has no problem telling him about her shapeshifting. She thinks of him like a brother, and would do anything for him.

Ebony- Well, of course Crimson loves her cute, lovable girlfriend.
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