Created by Darkmoon the IceWing NightWing. His main appearance is in Venomous Vengance Book 1: Lost Lies and the rest of the Venomous Vengance books (coming soon!).


Crayfish has deep brown scales like hickory wood. His eyes are amber. His spines and stomach are tan like wet sand. His underscales and wing membranes are medium brown. He wears a small gold hoop in his left ear.


He has normal MudWing abilities: breathing fire when warm and blending into mud puddles. He also stays happy, even in hard situations.


Crayfish tries to stay positive, even when things get rough. He tries to be calm and supportive for his friends, and he really dislikes it when his allies and friends have to suffer.


Before coming to JMA, Crayfish had an uneventful life in a MudWing village with his sibs. They all enjoyed a happy life so far, and Crayfish hopes that it will stay the same.

At the academy, he has made a few friends. One of them is Antheraea, a SilkWing who he has explored with and read scrolls with. He is also friends with Kingfisher and Stinger, his clawmates.



Crayfish and Antheraea are friends, and Crayfish admires her. They've done some exploring, and they both like going to the library.


Crayfish and Stinger are clawmates, and they both get along pretty well. They don't know each other very well yet.


The friendship between them is basically the same as the friendship between Stinger and Crayfish.


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