Crawdad is a male MudWing from the Scorpion Den.


Crawdad is a very large burly MudWing. He is most noticeable for his jewelry and the brown lines on his wings. His scales are a burnt umber color, to a normal brown. His underbelly is a pale-ish yellow color. He has very dark green eyes, like shining emeralds. Crawdad loves to decorate himself with various different kinds of jewelry, including a nose ring, earrings, an arm band, rings, and armor on his horns and tail. almost each one has rubbies on them (which red is his second favorite color).


Other dragons often say that Crawdad has the personality of a tree stump (hence his nickname). He usually walks slower and more hunched over, and he always seems to have a scowl or a look of disapproval on his face. Crawdad's hutch is somewhere on an oasis near the Scorpion Den. He spends most of his time there, and he only comes out of the house when he thinks it is almost absolutely necisary.

Despite his usual grouchy and lonely behavior he has a hobby for making music, but not the kind that is super loud. He hates drums and other instruments that make lots of noise. He likes to stick to the xzylaphone.


Crawdad has almost no idea where he was born or who his parents were, but he lived most of his life in the sand kingdom by himself. He was a pretty respected and fearded among other SandWing dragonets. He would often take things from other dragonets and would never give them back. Most dragons think that's how he has the things he has today, by stealing them.

Crawdad has always supported Queen Thorn for all his life. He thought she would be a much better queen than Blaze, Blister, or Burn,

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