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Crash and Burn is a fanfiction based off of the roleplay including Mountain Fury, Aiden, Frost Fire, ShadowEye, Ardens Stella, and Flint. This is all copy-pasted and edited by Lightningstrike of RapidClan. The authors include Lightningstrike of RapidClan, Aiden1200, Lord Clathor The Second The Ruler of Nothing, and Toonzsedaki. There are also guest roleplayers who I am too lazy to name. Sorry! So just comment on whether you participated or not.

Part One: First Impressions

Chapter 1

Mountain Fury flew in the sky, on a patrol. Suddenly she spotted a red figure on the ground. She dove down, trying to take a peek.

Aiden's eyes opened wide in fear as he took in the Skywing above. Memories filled his mind and there was only one word that filled Aiden's mind. RUN!

Fury saw the dragon move. She doubled her speed to chase him. "Hey, where are you going?" she yelled.

Aiden ran as fast as he could. He looked back to see the SkyWing gaining on him, and as he did so with his attention off, smacked into a large tree and fell to the ground.

Mountain Fury swooped down and landed beside the dragon. She poked him in the side. "Uh... medical help anyone?"

Aiden twitched and after a few seconds, groaned painfully and managed to lift his head. His vision cleared and he jumped as he saw the SkyWing. Hesitantly he said, "Where am I?"

>"The mountains. In our territory." Mountain Fury clawed the ground and judged the FlameWing with her eyes.

Aiden rubbed his head painfully, avoiding eye contact with Mountain Fury. “Well… um… thanks…  I mean sorry… I mean…” Aiden sighed and let out a stressed breath to slow his mind. “I mean, I am just passing through.” Aiden doubted that FlameWings were a common sight in the Sky Kingdom. He clawed a rock anxiously. The sight of the SkyWing made him uncomfortable.

Frost Fire glided over the dragons after his visit from the SkyWing Palace. He saw the two figures on the ground. He flew down and landed by a tree, hiding in the shadows.

Mountain Fury frowned. "I see you're a FlameWing." She sensed another dragon near.

"Yea... I am a FlameWing..." Aiden chuckled nervously under the SkyWing's studying gaze. He tried to make himself appear as small as possible; silently hoping that it would make him less of an oddity. Then he noticed that Mountain Fury's attention had shifted.  

Fury continued to keep her ears out while still staring at the FlameWing. "Normally I would knock you unconscious and drag you back to the palace." she said. "But I think I'll let you off the hook." her eyes clouded with anger and sadness and she clawed the ground. But she kept calm, knowing what would happen next if she lost control.

Frost Fire sensed that the SkyWing might have noticed, so he stayed to the shadows. Hmm It’s a FlameWing. He seems lost. Let’s see what happens. He thought.

"THE PALACE! YOU KNOW THE QUEEN" Aiden burst out suddenly, a flicker of some long forgotten emotion flashed through his bright red eyes, then he attempted to regain his composure. He knew how volatile SkyWings could be. He knew all too well. Better to play it safe until he knew that Mountain Fury would not change her mind. But if this dragoness was headed back to the palace, then... Maybe if he could just...

Mountain Fury fell back, startled. "What the what?" for a split moment her scales billowed smoke and the ground beneath her burnt. "Are normal FlameWings really this excited about the SkyWing palace?" she regained her balance. The SkyWing.

She must be one with too much fire. Frost Fire inspected the dragon.

"Woo!" Aiden yelled and jumped backwards in surprise. Most FlameWings aren’t afraid of any kind of fire.... but Aiden was not so sure. "What?"

"The SkyWing palace, aren't you supposed to fear Ruby?"

Frost Fire sneezed and startled some birds that fly away. He then hid under a rock near a tree.

Mountain Fury stared into the space where the dragon was. Then she looked into the air.

 “Phew” Frost Fire breathed in some air and crawled out of the rock a little.

"Well you see..." Aiden fumbled with his words. Why could I not be a quicker speaker? Carefully he continued, "Well you see... I heard so much about how... amazing your kingdom was and all... and would very much like to see the grand castle myself." Aiden's legs started shaking for some reason.

Fury nodded. "If so, you can come."

Hmm... I’ll just say I went to get some food then follow them back to the castle. Frost Fire thought.

A big smile spread across Aiden's snout. "Yes!" but he looked nervously at the charred grass and gulped.

Frost Fire saw a bird flying through the air. He flapped up to the bird and grab it, then quickly flew to the rock he was at. "Let’s hope they did not see me.” he flapped up and glided above the two, dodging into cover when they glance in his direction.

Mountain Fury glanced back at where that other dragon was. I'll deal with him later. He's probably just another soldier.

He follows. "What? Oh, yea, right, name. Umm, call me Aiden. What about you?" Aiden glances somewhere behind. He had that feeling that someone was watching him... it was unsettling. Then he turned back to the SkyWing escort.

The sun glared off Frost Fires scales, making them shimmer a pale blue."eee I told them not to polish my scales” He dove out of the sun and a bit closer to the two dragons.

"Mountain Fury. My friends call me Fury. Well, they would if I had friends." A blue flash caught her eye.

Frost Fire dove down below her gaze. When she looks away, he hovered back up.

"And what was that with the whole smoking scales thing? I have only seen that somewhat done before by FlameWings when--" Aiden stopped as he noticed Mountain Fury look around distractedly.

"It's something where a SkyWing is born with too much fire, so their scales burn anything in contact. Luckily I'm only part those kiinds, so I can control it. Even so, I can't control it when I'm angered or surprised." Fury looked around. That blue flash was definitely not SkyWing. "Just a second, let me check something." she flew in a wide arc to turn around.

Aiden felt a twinge of nervousness in his gut and he observed the rocky, mountainous land in front of him as Fury flew behind. The thought crossed his mind that if he really wanted to, now would be the chance get away from the SkyWing. She still made him nervous. Every quick movement, every flash of fire made Aiden anxious. But it seemed that so far, he could trust her, she had only referenced to knocking him out once! And she hasn’t even threatened to kill him either! Not to mention, she was the easiest way to the SkyWing castle.

"Just stay right there." she said to Aiden. Then she swooped down and scanned the ground.

Aiden shrugged his shoulders as Fury dove by and said amusingly to himself "It's not like I’m going for my afternoon flight. I missed that an hour ago. Or back to the FlameWings..." Aiden's head had stopped hurting, but now his stomach was growling again and he realized that he still had not eaten anything. A large cow caught his attention.

Frost Fire started to glide up above her gaze but crashed into a tree and fell to the ground.

She saw the white dragon come into view. She dove full speed, landing with a thud next to him. "What's up with people crashing into trees today?"

"Ummm People like trees?” Frost Fire got up and shook the leaves off his scales.

Mountain Fury whipped her tail around and slapped him down. "IceWing alert!" she yelled and sent a fire flare into the sky.

“GAH!” Frost Fire flew up, breathing fire randomly.

Fury burnt the ground in surprise. "SkiceWing??!!"

Frost Fire stopped breathing fire."What? Oh yeah the fire breathing.. errr" he flew up to a tree.

"What is this madness?" Mountain Fury yelled.

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The odd kind of madness when you’re like UMMMMMM???'.

Aiden finishes up the cow and returns to his posistion. "Now where did Fury--" A blast of fire shoots up and startles the FlameWing who jumps back in surprise. "By three moons! What is up with this--" He was cut off again as another blast of fire hits him in straight in the face. The FlameWings stumbles backwards clawing at his face and shielding himself with his wings. If he wasn’t a FlameWing, he would be dead, Aiden knew that. Unlike other FlameWings though, it still burned some, but would heal fairly quickly. Either way it surprised him and made him unreasonably anxious. He looked back down angered. "What was that for?"

"Sorry!” Frost Fire jumped down from the tree.

Aiden flies down to the new dragon, curious, yet still somewhat angered. "Wait... are you an IceWing?"

"Nooo, I’m a NightWing. Yes I’m an IceWing”

Aiden cracked a smile. "No... I don’t know much about most dragons, but I'm pretty sure that IceWings can't breathe fire."

"Long Story.” Frost Fire yawned. Don’t ask. Also, don’t ask why I have Skywing Wings”

"IceWing with SkyWing wings...wings-- yea never mind..." Aiden tapped a claw in confusion over the strange dragon.

"I see your heading to the castle with the SkyWing?"

Wow. That was what he was doing wasn’t he? Headed to the castle with a SkyWing of all dragons. "Well umm... I guess I probably don’t look like a prisoner of war do I?"

"No you don’t. Unless they will present you as a prize...”

Aiden's eyes bulged and he smacked his head on the nearest tree. "Ugh! They would do that wouldn't they! Why hadent I thought of that!"

"Well this SkyWing seems kind. The others may not know about FlameWings though”

"I guess she is isnt she?" Then Aiden's eyes got distant, all the former brightness in his voice was gone. "But you are most certainly right, about the others.... Most of them at least."

"Eh some might be reasonable but most SkyWings are..."

Aiden finished the sentence in a quiet, dark, whisper "Heartless. Ruthless. Killers. Destroyers..." Aiden shook his head and quickly hid his emotions again. "Sorry, I mean, that’s what I have heard about them anyways."

Heartless? Destroyers? Three moons, misconceptions much. "So... we have a FlameWing, a SkiceWing and a SkyWing with a lot of fire. Great! Now let’s start the 'Club of Misfits.'" Mountain Fury waved her talons sarcastically. "Don't you think someone would notice a white IceWing?"

"No I thought I would blend in with the birds"

"Birds? Well there aren't any right now. What are you even doing in the Sky Kingdom? Both of you." Mountain Fury asked.

"Ehh....Pass" Frost Fire scratched his talons on the ground nervously

"You don't trust me, do you?" Mountain Fury lashed her tail a bit. "Not going to share secrets with a SkyWing, eh?" her gaze remained calm, but on the inside she was itching to claw something.

"Kinda… And I don’t share any of my secrets"

"Alright. Now what in the moons do you need to do? A patrol is scheduled to pass here, so let's get the business done." Mountain Fury didn't like secrets kept from her.

"Eh… The patrol may not breathe fire in my face. If they don’t hate me"

Aiden shrugged at Fury's previous question and seemed to shell up also. "Well, like I said before, I was headed to the SkyWing castle." He looked at the IceWing, "And Fury has a point there, at least my scales are similar to the coloration of a SkyWing at a distance. That is how I have remained hidden up until Fury found me. But you will stick out like a scavenger, and be attacked just as quickly."

"I have ties to the SkyWings though some don’t particularly like me"...

"What do you mean ties? Your SkyWing hybridness?" Mountain Fury asked.

Frost Fire clawed the ground "Umm… My mother, a SkyWing, is Lucretia, a powerful warrior has some power. Under her word I can come to the palace on a visit. Though any SkyWing can challenge me and fight me. That’s annoying.”

Aiden seemed spilt between decisions. "I would very much like to continue towards the Sky Palace, but if it is a threat to you I can wait. Considering many powerful SkyWings live there." Despite what he said, Aiden watched the other two dragons hopefully. "So you both have to go to the palace?"

Aiden nodded with bright eyes. "I would like to."

"Eh I don’t have to but I can go there again. I could say I went hunting"

Aiden nodded happily and looked at Fury. "And you? Are you actually part of the palace guard?"

"Yes are you part of the guard?"

"Erm... Not exactly. They won't let me guard. Queen Ruby is more intent on training me to be champion than letting me help the palace. I'm sure the guards will let us in, it's not like they can say no at me."

"Yes I guess they can't...." Frost Fire look up into the sky thinking.

Red and orange spots appeared in the sky like droplets of blood. "Looks like the patrol is here." Mountain Fury looked up.

"Greattttt...." Frost Fire see one of the spots and seemed more pale.

"I'll just be honest." Mountain Fury spread her wings and took flight.

Frost Fire seemed agitated and whipped his tail back and forth.

Aiden shrinks low to the ground and let’s out cross between a snarl and a whine. He hides in the shadow of a tree and covers his head with his wings.

"Guess he doesn’t like SkyWings." Frost Fire mumbled.

Aiden tries to ignore the sound of wing beats around him. He should have expected something like this eventually...

Come on Aiden! You can better than this! Aiden attempts to hide his fear and uncovers his head, though he remains in the shadow of the tree. He looks at his new friends, perhaps it might have been better to run when he had the chance. No! You, can’t think that Aiden! Not again!

"Why does SHE have to be here" Frost Fire looked at a pale copper dragon that glides down.

Aiden peeks around to look at the various SkyWings landing. There are so many!

"The fiery one has brought some friends. How wonderful." a large golden dragon sneered.

Mountain Fury confronted the SkyWings with her head held high. "These dragons are visiting." she announced loudly.

Frost Fire smacked his tail by the FlameWing "Stand up straight. They will think of you as a coward."

At mention to the others Aiden hides further, though he listens to the others. 

Aiden remains partially hidden, yet attempts to look as dignified as possible.

Frost Fire face clawed..."Get up. Now."

Aiden gives his bravest look and comes out from the shadows. His tail quivers and he wraps it around his foot to stop it. 

"Alright... Hello SkyWings..." Frost Fire looked like he was gonna claw them to the ground.

Remember what they are Aiden. Don’t show them fear. Aiden's visible emotions quickly dissolve, replaced by a neutral, unreadable gaze. "Yes, hello..." Aiden does not sound much better than the IceWing look in regards to friendliness. Several SkyWings look at them with a curious gaze.

The SkyWings studied the new dragons slowly. They whispered to each other, then faced Fury. "We will take them to the palace." they concluded.

"Alright lets go."

One of SkyWings approaches Aiden, amused. "What is that thing!? Burn might like his scales for decoration." Aiden's look was filled with enough venom to kill a SandWing. His scales were flurescent, and now they seemed to pulse and move like a fire would.

Mountain Fury glared at the other skyWings with uneasiness, skeptical. She opened her wings and hovered above ground. "fine then. Let's go." Aiden looked at Fury and sighed. How quickly it was that one's life could be turned upside down.

Chapter 2

Mountain Fury was feeling something weird in her guts. She had never felt it before in her lonely life, the feel of friendship. And that feeling of loyalty gave a a random boost of suspicion at those SkyWing patrollers. What are they really going to do to them?

Aiden glances back at Fury. Why were they being taken away? What was happening to them? Aiden had a few guesses. I should have never come here... Aiden felt a pang of pain as the thought came that Fury might of somehow betrayed them, then he dismissed it. If she wanted betray them, she would have done so long ago. It’s too late for anything else now. Aiden glanced at Frost Fire, who looked worried, then proceeded onwards.

The two dragons are led through several decorated tunnels until they are brought to a large opening that led to the giant eath cup that Aiden saw earlier. Aiden stopped suddenly and he looked at Frost Fire. They both knew that something was not right..

Before he could do anything else, Aiden felt a dragon jump on his back and grab his wing. Aiden growled and attempted to throw off the SkyWing. Aiden slammed the dragon into the wall but several others pinned him down and before he knew it, Aiden's wings were locked shut with strands of wire.

Frost fire fought one down before a SkyWing covered his snout in a muzzle and tied him down.

Both dragons fought, but the SkyWings easily carried the restrained FlameWing and IceWing out into the arena. Aiden groaned and a familiar sense of isolation filled him. Haven't I been through something like this before.... well they always did say I never learn. If only I could light myself on fire.

Frost fire whipped his tail, shooting spines at the wall, but another SkyWing tied down his tail.

The two helpless dragons are carried by the SkyWings into the air. Aiden groaned as he is dropped from a fairly tall height on one of the pillars that he noticed before. Several SkyWings joke about the FlameWing as they hook up various wires around his legs and neck.

"Maybe his scales could be used to decorate the throne...”

"Sell him to Burn...”

"What is he...”

"I heard about these dragons before... they are supposed to be as secretive as NightWings...”

"Maybe he will put on a better show than that one Starflight did then?"

So that was it then? Aiden was part of their sick games now.

Dragons whispered and curiously approached the prisoners.

"Use his spines for tooth picks”

"Nah probably poisonous”

"What’s up with the wings?" 

Frost Fire growled. “Shut up…”

The SkyWing dragons fly away laughing. Aiden screams out at them desperately, that familiar sense of hate that he had nearly forgotten from so long ago. Suddenly a large familiar SkyWing approached Aiden's spire. He recognized that SkyWing, Ruby.

The queen smiled as she looked at the FlameWing. "Well it has certainly been awhile since I have seen a FlameWing."

Aiden's mind filled with memories... this dragon... this was the dragon.... His eyes flashed red and seemed to glow with fire. "RUBY! YOU.... YOU.... I SWEAR THAT I WILL MAKE THINGS... UGH... I SWEAR!!!!!" Aiden jumped at her from his spire, missing, and nearly pulled down the dragons around him until a pair of angry SkyWings brought him back up to his perch. He lashed out and his scales began to smoke, though not enough to burn the wires. The Skywings jumped backed as he burned their hands.

Ruby laughed. "Hmm, have I met you before?" Then flew away from the screaming FlameWing as he nearly jumped off the spire again. Ruby looked at Frost Fire, "What do we have here?"

Mountain Fury flew across the arena, ignoring the SkyWings. She sat on her place by Queen Rubys throne. She noticed two dragons that didn't quite fit in. What?! Ruby took them here?!?!

As Ruby approached Frost Fire, Aiden collapsed on his pillar. Memories he had been trying to suppress for nearly a year were now coming back to him. Tears fell from his eyes and Aiden looked at the unatural green insigma on his shoulder. Why does this have to happen again? Aiden thought of Frost Fire and Fury again. It was his idea to bring them here. This was all his fault. He would be the end of those around him yet again. Honestly, Aiden did not care much for his own safety. He wondered if he would have to watch Frost Fire die before his eyes... like that had not happened to Aiden enough already. And what of Fury? He closed his eyes and covered his head with his wing. Aiden found himself wondering for her safety as well. Was she okay? Was she wondering about them? Would she watch them die? Would she care? Would she be awarded for finding a FlameWing and forget all about them eventually? He hoped not. Tears continued falling from his eyes. It would happen all again wouldnt it? Again, he felt very alone in the world. Maybe he should just stop looking for a light that isn’t there...

Mountain Fury felt the ground beneath her heat up. Her scales turned hard as stone. How dare they do this!! She immediately exploded into the air, rushing through the castle. An unexpecting SkyWing was guarding a stash of food, sneaking a few bites. Fury dashed up to him and knocked him to the ground.

"You said take them here!!"

"I never said we wouldn't put him in the arena!" the SkyWing scrambled away from Furys burning claws.

"They'll die! I won't allow it! I finally get some friends and now you want to KILL them for entertainment?!" The ground steamed in smoke. Mountain Fury flew away before the SkyWing could respond.

Frost Fire laid down on his spire and pretended to sleep. He quietly pondered on the escape. "I’ve been here before. Really did not like it…"

Mountain Fury landed hard on the balcony ground. Queen Ruby was calmly sitting in her throne, majestically looking down. "Why Mountain Fury, you're just in time for the show.” Several SkyWing guards swarmed to the prisoners and SkyWings filled the seats below.

The light from the sun was starting to fade beyond the horizon. Aiden knew he would not be able to sleep again tonight. Why was he here? What would Ruby do to him? Aiden uncovered part of his head, looking to see where Frost Flame was staying.

Three guards swarmed over Frostfire and threw hot chains over him. They unclipped his wires and dragged him down to the arena.

Aiden watched in horror. It will happen again... The FlameWing hoped that Frost Fire would win. He really did not want to watch this again. Aiden had to ask himself, Who is the challenger?

Vermillion landed on the sand and waved to the other SkyWings. "Well, today we have two new abnormal prisoners for the arena! I hope you're all excited to watch this match. I present you, Frost Fire the IceWing!!" The crowd cheered. "and Tidalwave of the SeaWIngs!" the crowd cheered again.

Aiden did not know much about SeaWings, but Aiden hated the idea of all this killing for entertainment. "Come on Frost Fire! Just don’t die!"

"Claws up, teeth ready, fight!" Vermillion jumped out of the bowl. Tidal wave lunged at Frost fire, who dove under Tidal’s belly and swatted at his foreleg before running off to the wall. Tidal wave yelped in pain and chased after Frost fire. He breathed frost mist at the SeaWing. Tidal dodged most of the freezing mist, but his foot started getting frostbite. Tidal wave still dove in to claw Frost fire on the shoulder.

Aiden saw Ruby smiling at the suffering dragons and he could have sworn that she had glanced up at him. The FlameWing paced along his spire, clawing at the air. Smoke started coming off his scales and Aiden felt a slight burning sensation where fire was attempting to engulf him, but he knew it probably wouldn’t.

Tidal clawed  deeply at Frost Fire shoulder. He roared and knocked the SeaWing away. Suddenly, Frost Fire breathed fire.

Mountain Fury looked at Ruby, then the arena, then Ruby and again the arena. "How could you do this?!"

"Easy. Just have my faithful little champion-to-be find some new dragons for me, then put them in. I'm proud of you." Ruby smiled.

Aiden was watching the battle intensely. Then he noticed Fury sitting next to Ruby, looking distraught. Aiden focused his attention back on the battle.

As Tidal and the dragons in the stands are surprised by the fire, Frost Fire whipped his tail and spines at the Tidal. Tidal screamed in agony as the spines pierced his scales. He tried to pull them out as quick as he could.

Aiden had to cover his ears. Even from up there the SeaWings screams made his spine crawl. The FlameWing grit his teeth. Ruby smilled, looking surprised and satisfied. This was wrong. All wrong.

Frost Fire approached the SeaWing, writhing on the ground.

Aiden looks away from the battle and covers his head with his wings.

Ruby nods at Frost Fire. "You know what has to be done" So far this was one of the most entertaining battles the queen has ever seen.

Frost Fire looked up to Ruby. "May this dragon's body be left in a river so he can be swept out to sea if I kill him?"

Mountain Fury looked away, knowing her eighth birthday was three days later, when she would be legible to become a champion. Is this what I must do? Is this what I have to do over and over and over again, to helpless dragons who don't have fire powers? This is cruel. It will be unfair.

"Fine. Just snap his neack already." Ruby waved her blood red pedicured claws

Frost Fire crouched to Tidal and whispered. "I will fake snapping your neck. When they dump you in a river go home, understand?"

Tidal looked up at Frost fire. He was paralyzed, but he managed a slight nod.

Frost Fire plucked a spine from his tail. "Just mash the spine up and mix it with water to make a antivenom. After a few minutes you can move." He held his claws up to the SeaWings neck and jerked the air. Tidal tilted his head as convincing as he could. The SkyWings cheered, throwing tiny gems at Frost Fire.

Aiden uncovered his head and peered down from his perch as he heard the cheering. He gasped when he saw the SeaWing.At least it is not Frost Fire. But why did it have to be anyone at all? Aiden knew it was naive thinking, but it still didn’t change the fact that he did not know if he could kill an innocent.

Queen Ruby was pleased. "Now that was exciting! Who knew IceWings breathed fire and had porcupine spines. Hopefully Frost fire won't die any time soon." She had a sinister look on her.

Frost Fire slowly looked up at Ruby. With a quick flick of a tail, a spine shot towards her.

Ruby screamed and tried to grab it out, but the spine paralyzed her. guards swarmed to her, carrying her away to the medics. Mountain Fury picked up the spine from the ground and tucked it into her wing. More guards took Tidals still-alive body to the Diamond Spray River.

Frost Fire tossed a spine at a guard. "Mash this and mix it with water to make a antivenom. I have no wish to kill the Queen. Yet."

The guard glared at Frost fire and snatched the spine. The arena was filing out, and the sun sank lower beyond the horizon.

Mountain Fury flew in the night, flying around over the prisoners. They all either stared at her or looked away quickly.

Frost Fire stared at the sky blankly. “Where is Lucretia? And I wonder how the others will fare.” He mumbled.

Mountain Fury flew over to Frost fire. "Whos Lucretia?"

"My mother who was soldier until she lead a prison break. Thats when she met Peak, my father. After I was born, mother had to go on a mission."

"Where do you think she is now?"

"Who knows. Possibly in the RainWing kingdom or Mudwing Kingdom seeing about something"

"Have you ever met her?"

"No. I keep coming to Skywings to see if she is here..."

Mountain Fury yawned. "Well I'll see you two tomorrow." She flew off to her room.

Aiden sighed. "Did Frost Fire really kill that SeaWing?" Aiden did not know that IceWings could do such a thing as shoot ice spikes. Aiden thought about a certain IceWing that he used to know a long time ago and the insigma on his shoulder glowed a bright green. He studied it. How long had he had seen that IceWing now? Probably as long as ago as he had seen his best friend the NightWing.... and about as long ago as he had last seen his family and and the ex-queen Scarlet as well as her daughter Ruby. Suddenly Aiden's loneliness returned. He kept repeating his promise to himself to see Ruby dead.

"I don't think so. I've seen enough broken necks to know that the SeaWing is still alive." Fury shook her head.

Aiden nodded somewhat relieved, and happy that he had company again. He hesitated and look at Fury with an empty look. "What do you know about FlameWings?"

"Not much. They don't really trust me with scrolls." Mountain Fury held out her claws and heated them up in example. "But I know they have extra-special fire powers. I always wanted to meet a FlameWing. Because you know..."

Aiden nodded and gave a small chuckle. "I would be killed for telling you this. Apparently most can set themselves on fire similarly to how you can. But I have only done it once, and doing so was quite painful. Fire does not do any permanent damage to me, but it still burns if I am directed under it for too long. I don’t have very many other powers though either. I was always told that it was because I was never around a hot enough fire. Most FlameWings live in volcanos. That is where they draw their strength. I have never been near one."

"So you're not like the other FlameWings?"

Aiden shrugged his shoulders. "I have never been around them enough to know what they were like. Just my parents and sister. My parents never told me much about anything. Anyways, Ruby changes that though. I can feel the fire in me that isn’t normally there." He paused and looked rather sad. "If I do something stupid during my fight tomorrow, please promise me that you will not interfere."

"Alright." Mountain Fury sighed.

Aiden nodded in satisfaction. "Thanks." He laid down and wrapped his tail up around himself. "Night, Fury. I hope that we can find a way out of here soon. I don’t think I could stand watching more friends die because of me."

“G’night then.” Fury left to go sleep.

Chapter 3

Fury woke up early to check on her new friends. She flew to the prisoners with some food. She dropped a pig on Aidens spire and a cow leg on Frost Fires.

"Thanks." Aiden said emptily and devoured the pig in one bite. "Where do SkyWings get all this food?" He mumbled to himself. Today is the day... this is what I came here for.

"No problem." Mountain Fury continued giving rations to the other prisoners while other guards also gave food.

Frost Fire breathed over the cow leg, freezing it.

The arena was filling up again. Aiden gets more anxious when two SkyWing come to bring him down to the arena. Aiden does not struggle and he lets himself be carried down. However, the SkyWings notice that Aiden's scales were getting extremely hot and they had to release him from a rather high distance. Aiden hit the ground with a thud. "Thanks... for dropping me again..."

Ruby once again stepped out and wobbled toward her throne. she was still woozy from the paralyzation. Mountain Fury stood next to Ruby, the spine still tucked in her wings.

Frost Fire smiled. "You're welcome."

Aiden gazed at Ruby with glowing red eyes. Today she was surrounded by various SkyWings guards, SandWing guards, and a single large MudWing guard who eyed Aiden cautiously.

Ruby glared at Frost fire and waved weakly at Vermillion to begin.

"Well hello! Queen Ruby's feeling a bit under the weather from yesterday. So now we have an exciting match to help! I present, Aiden of the FlameWings and Freeze of the IceWings!!" Vermillion hopped up to fly. "claws up, teeth ready, fight!"

Aiden looks at the IceWing and looks up at Ruby, still woozy, but giving a sinister sneer. She knows that I can’t kill an innocent IceWing. Shes trying to either kill my mind or kill my body. Aiden charges at the IceWing.

Mountain Fury watched intently. He can't set himself on fire. He doesn't have normal FlameWing powers, I need to back him up with a distraction or something. She felt the spine under her wing.

Freeze slowly walked around Aiden, lashing his whip tail. Aiden watched Freeze then quickly glanced up at Ruby. There was only one dragon here who was his enemy and it was not the dragon he was fighting. But Aiden knew that Freeze would not hesitate to kill him. Then again, he knew how IceWings fought. All tails, claws, and ice breath. Aiden leaps forward, just raking the IceWing's muzzle, and jumps away quickly. Freeze lashed his tail fast and whipped Aiden on his side before jumping away from him to tend his snout. Aiden growled. He really did not want to hurt this IceWing. He could feel the temperature around him rising. Aiden ran for the IceWing again, this time waiting for him to move first.

Freeze charged right at Aiden, trying to surprise him but ended up colliding into the FlameWing. Aiden grabbed the IceWing by horns and shoved the dragons head down into the ground hard, hoping to stop it from using its ice breath.

Queen Ruby was watching with a smile. Suddenly she yelled, "Come on Aiden I'm getting bored here! Where is that fight at! I know you weren't taught like this! Where is that power that you used to kill that last IceWing? Oh... what was here name again?"

Aiden growled at the queen, flames dancing across his eyes and scales they burned, but Aiden could ignore pain. This IceWing was not going to die at his hands. He pulled the dragon with all his strength and managed to throw the dragon behind him, far outside range of him getting hurt. A red aura appeared around Aiden. The sand under his feet started to turn to glass. He kept his stern eyes on Ruby's smiling eyes. "Thats more like it!" The queen laughed. The FlameWing reached behind him and with a single talon, melted the wire binding his wings. Aiden gave a serious, empty gaze. Ruby's smile brightened. The guards that Aiden saw earlier surrounded the queen. He glanced at Fury, hoping she would keep her promise and maybe get Frost Fire out also. Then the now flaming dragon took to the sky and dove at the guards.

Mountain Fury acted quick, she tackled a guard to the ground and rolled him off the balcony, the audience below scrambling away from the falling armored guard. She transferred the spine from her wing to her mouth, lifting off the balcony. A SkyWing guard and SandWing guard quickly jumped in front of Aiden. The FlameWing ducked as the SandWing attempted to poison him and-with claws hot and sharp enough to cut through metal-tore through the SkyWing's armor, chest, and heart. Aiden cut upward with his other claw and severed the spine of the SandWing.

Seeing an opening, Mountain fury dove in and stabbed the spine into Queen Rubys shoulder. She screamed as the poisons spread through her bloodstream, paralyzing her. she quickly pulled out the spine and chewed on it, mixing with saliva. she glared with hatred at Fury, then leaped at her to contribute to the chaos.

Aiden finished off another SandWing he was fighting. His eyes danced with fire, searching for the queen. By this time the audience of dragons had scrambled out of the arena, though no more guards seemed to be appearing. His eyes caught hold of the queen. This is what he came here for. The large MudWing that Aiden saw earlier appeared in front of him smiling, blocking his path.

Frost Fire shot spines in the MudWings path. "Leave now or you'll get killed."

The MudWing growled and pointed at Frost Fire. "Capture that puny IceWing!" Several guards flew towards the IceWing. Then the MudWing looked at Aiden, "You're mine!" Aiden felt a SkyWing's jaws clamp down on his back wings, though Aiden knew it would burn the guard. Aiden reached around with his own head and gripped the SkyWings neck in his powerful jaws, quickly snapping it. Aiden was distracted long enough for the MudWing to close in. Aiden wasn't thinking, he was killing and trying to set his past right, and no dragon would stop him from getting to the queen.

Mountain Fury leaped onto the MudWings back, claws searing. Frost Fire jumped off his spire and slammed an attacking SkyWing to the stands. He tosses another into the arena bowl.

Fury tackled the queen as she tried to run away, tumbling into the audience seats.

Aiden flies at the queen. He visualizes his claws cutting through her. Until the armored MudWing that he thought was dead jumps back up and tackles the much smaller, dragon to the ground. The dragon pins Aiden which who about half the MudWing's size. The MudWing says, "My name is Adamant. Remember it. I am the commander of the MudWing military, have fought and won countless wars, and I should mention that I am immune to fire." The MudWing growled his scales begining to glow red. "And I am here to make sure you learn obedience..."

Fury saw the huge MudWing pinning Aiden and abandoned Ruby to charge the MudWing. She bumped his huge back, moving Adamant only slightly. "Leave him!" She raked her claws on his scales.

The MudWing growled in anger then grabbed the FlameWing by the throat. Adamant swung around and held the smaller red dragon in his talon. "This ends! Stop or he dies!" Adamant yelled, holding a dangerously tight grip on Aiden's throat. Aiden clawed at the dragon's talon's, but his scales were too hard for even him. Something about the dragon pulled out all of Aiden's energy and the flames around him extinguished. His firey hatred was not even enough to fuel what fire was left in him. Aiden suddenly felt very weak and sore.

Mountain Fury glared at the MudWing and stepped back. Queen Ruby came up to Adamant and Aiden with a ha-ha-I-won smile as she eyed the dragons around her including the dead ones. "There was one thing my mother lacked.... practicality, and look what that got her. That is what I want from you Aiden," she pointed at the dragons he killed. "That is the beast I want and I will have it, like I promised you so long ago. I knew I just had to wait." Aiden growled. "And I have ways to make you mine if you should ever decline." She gazed at Fury and Frost Fire with killer eyes. "You know I would do it." Aiden grew submissive. Ruby looked at Fury. "You could have gone far as my champion..."

Mountain Furys eyes blazed. "I don't want to be your champion. forget it." she lashed her heated tail.

Ruby sighed. "What a shame. You had so much potential..." She looked back at Aiden. "You will be staying in a 'special' cell I have for you Aiden. I have my first job for you. It should be easy considering I know you dislike SwiftWings somewhat. The SwiftWings have been denying my requests for an alliance. I want you to send them a message and kill their queen. You will leave tomorrow. If you dont return the day after, I will kill your friends."

Ruby looked at Frost Fire. "Intruging dragon here. Yet I recognize some of your aspects..."

"Don't listen to her Aiden!" Mountain Fury yelled. "Frost Fire, go! escape before she wants to take you!"

Frost Fire flew up as soldiers try to grab him. Frost Fire lashed them away. A SandWing tried to snatch him, but he dove down and slammed the SandWing into the ground. Guards attempted to shove him down.

Mountain Fury faced Ruby. "Come on, fight me!" she circled the queen.

Using up any fire the FlameWing had in him left Aiden weak. The MudWing snarled. "Time for for you cage, perfect for a FlameWing, especially one with no control over his powers. Freezing temperatures, little light, unbreakable cage. That is how you will live until you are better trained, with just enough time to get powered up before Ruby has you do a mission." The MudWing slammed Aiden's head on the ground, knocking him unconscious, and flew out of the chaos.

Mountain Fury roared and slammed into Ruby, vaulting off of her to fly after Adamant and Aiden. She grabbed the MudWings sensitive tail spot and chomped hard, twisting her jaws deeper into his flesh.

Adamant roared in fury at Fury and dropped Aiden. "I am not here for you SkyWing. Why must you persist!" The MudWing backhanded the dragoness and flew down to retrieve Aiden.

Mountain Fury dove in again. "I can't let you take him away and make him do stuff he doesn't want to do!"

"Thats cute. But you see Ruby has borrowed me from my queen, and now I have to assure he gets locked up.... and I don't lose!" Strange how a SkyWing would protect a FlameWing and IceWing. She must die. Adamant swung both his talons downwards as Fury nears.

Mountain Fury dodged at the last moment, slashing at a spot on his wrist. "Don't call me cute." She growled, the air heating up around her.

Frost Fire creates a subzero aura around him and swings into battle, bringing down dragons all around him. Adamant sensed the drop in temperature and quickly puts the heated SkyWing between himself and the ice breath, completely ignoring any pain that was caused to him.

Queen Ruby jumps in to tackle Frost Fire. "I HATE being ignored."

Mountain Fury hopped onto Rubys back and pinned her mid-jump. "Now you won't!" she scratched her now exposed belly. Ruby roared in pain and managed to sink her claws into one of Fury's wings. The queen managed to throw the other dragoness off of her with the leverage, burning her palm.

"Fury! You are here by sentenced to death along with these others!" She grabbed a metal spear from a dead Sky Guard. "See if you can burn this!"

Adamant looked at Ruby, now trying to fight both Mountain Fury and Frost Fire. "That was not part of the deal." The MudWing knew the queen could probably handle the other two dragons, and more reinforcements would be here any minute, hopefully overwhelming the two fighters. But only the FlameWing was his problem, not the others, though Adamant felt he could easily defeat them as well. Adamant hoped that all this trouble would be worth it for his queen. Ruby better keep her deal! He picked up Aiden and sped to the prison.

Mountain Fury grabbed the spear in her hands, pushing it towards Ruby. The heat conducted to Rubys claws, re-burning her palms. she threw the spear to the side and tripped Ruby with her tail. "If I'm a dragon worth dying, you could be much worse." Furys eyes darkened. "You're a monster!!" she roared.

"Hmmph.You can handle the flames? Lets cool things down" Frost Fire spiraled down at Adamant making a little whirlwind. He directed all the cold air at Adamant. He then flung a few spines and dove down clawing at him.

Adamant falls to the ground after the barrage dropping Aiden in the process. He growls and works against the poison pumping through his body and the ice freezing though his back. Hmph! I've survived worse! Despite this Adamant knew he was out for the fight.

Ruby growled and noticed Adamant fall. She knew when she had lost and when it was better to cut her losses. Ruby was not as good a fighter as her mother... yet. Spitefully she said to Fury, "I'm the monster? I helped train you after my mother's death and you forget that! I'm just trying to do my job: Make my kingdom the best I can and play my part in this war! Do you think I asked to uphold my mother's vain name? Do you think I wanted to sell my life to Burn? Would you have done any better if you were under her claws in my place? If I attempt to do my own ways the SkyWing kingdom would end up without allies and destroyed by Burn for betraying her!"

"If you wanted to separate, you could. You can live your own life, instead of continuing Scarlets story. Who cares if Burn wants to kill you, if all the SkyWings team up we can win. You don't have to live like this," Mountain Fury stopped her fire. "Trust me." she held out her talons.

"Yes..The great war is a waste of time and a pain to all who did not want it. The Dragonets will decide the new queen. Who knows if Blaze, Blister, or Burn will become Queen. Prophecies are confusing and can have double meaning.Others will play a part in the war no matter how big or small." Frost Fire stopped.

Ruby sighed and looked at the reinforcements coming behind her. "Yea I could do just that and perhaps make a difference in the war... but I am having WAY TOO MUCH FUN BEING QUEEN!" Ruby turned her back to Fury and Frost Fire, smacking Fury's talon away with her tail, and flew to meet her incoming army.

Aiden shakes his head painfully, feeling absolutely weak and miserable. "Feels like a mountain fell on me..." He looks around disoriented and blinks his eyes to clear them. "What..."

"You alright?" Frost Fire came down to Aiden. He had a golden aura around him.

Aiden nods somberly. "Sure... Thanks... and sorry." He can't look Frost Fire in the eye. "We should leave..."

"There's an army on the way."

"Umm... yea... and," Aiden shook his head again, "you do know your glowing?" Aiden managed to stand again, yet as soon as he did, the FlameWing's vision flickered and he worried that he would pass out. "I must be in worse shape than I thought if I'm seeing things now too. I don't think I can be much help...."

"I'm not sure why I am... Eh it's gonna help." The golden aura has fully taken shape around him, little bits of the aura go into the air but most of it sticks to my body,Almost looking like he was inside a golden duplicate of him.

"Yeeeaaaa... I hit my head too hard..." Aiden looks around for Fury also. "I'm pretty sure we could run... anyways..." Aiden paused. Now was not the time to talk. First they had to survive. Aiden could tell he was too weak for just about anything. The only thing that kept him from falling asleep right now was the threat of imminent death. All the fire had been drained from Aiden's body and all he felt like now was an empty shell. A very tired and cold shell. He had felt like this once before. It was one of the worst feelings in the world.

"Do you need more fire or something?" Frost Fire raked his claws on the ground and his neck spines flare up."We don't have much time before they attack"

Aiden barely shook his head. "It ain't like that, I don't think. Its more of an internal fire fueled by will power and emotions that substitutes for the physical fire that my kind normally has in them. My hatred for Ruby...." Now is not the time. "Where is Fury? We need to do something now and we can't leave her behind!"

Fury growled. she saw the reinforcements coming and rushed to Aiden and Frost Fire. "If you want to escape, now's the time"

Aiden gave one last look back towards Ruby. Again it seemed that he was running from his past. "Lets go." He took to the air and his body ached in protest. His deltoids and chest seemed to cry out with his aching head.

Chapter 4

Adamant growled, still sore from that IceWing. "What is it Ruby?"

The queen sneared. "I would prefer that you call me 'Queen,' you usless MudWing!"

Adamant roared. "You are not my queen Ruby! The only reason that I am here is on behalf of Queen Moorhen. Speaking of which, you still better honor our deal!"

"Your queen will get her treasure when I get mine! It was your job to capture the FlameWing and you failed!"

Adamant dispised Ruby right now, but he had failed, as much as it pained him to admit it. "What whould you have me do? I could gather other red egg MudWings and lead a force to assult them."

"No." Ruby shook her head. "The FlameWing must come here out of his own will. And his allies must remain alive. Don't worry, Aiden will always return for me. He is too broken from what I did to him for him to ever forget." Then Ruby mumbled to herself sadly, "I wish Aiden could have learned how cruel the world is without hurting him so.... I could have protected him from my mother's wrath."

Adamant nodded "Why is this dragon so important to you? Why not just capture another FlameWing."

"FlameWings are too elusive. I was lucky to find Aiden. But it is not your job to ask questions. When he returns, I expect him to be welcomed with... open arms. Your arms. Now you are dismissed. I have other matters to deal with. Blaze is amping her attacks against my kingdom."

Adamant nodded and walked out, determined to not fail again.

PART TWO: Journey to Paradise

Chapter 6

Adamant growled in frustration as he paced through his empty guest cave at the SkyWing Palace. Why was he wasting time in this cave doing absolutely nothing!? The FlameWing was not coming back! Couldn't Ruby see that? Ruby was supposed to be on of the smartest queens that the SkyWings ever had. Heck, she even found the SeaWing's Summer Palace within a week of being queen, and she is the only dragon to do so in thousands of years! So why couldn't she see this?

Adamant went to a nearby stalactite and smashed it to bits with one set of his talons. He absolutely hated that dragon! The first failed mission that the MudWing general has suffered in years!

Adamant paused. He was a good of a tactician as he was a fighter.... Maybe, the FlameWing needed an incentive. Of course, no one would die-just as Queen Ruby had ordered it-but that pathetic creature would have more than adapt a reason to follow him back to the Palace, where Ruby could have her way with Aiden and Adamant could get out of this palace with his mate's cows. "The queen wouldn't be pleased if I return empty handed or if I miss our children's hatching." Most MudWings didn't care much for permanent mates or their children, but the Queens and Kings were different. Their children were raised in the shadow of their parent to be fierce warriors. The cows were for their soon to hatch eggs, only the highest quality cows would do.

And Adamant would not miss his children's hatching or fail to bring back cows. If Ruby wanted the dragon, she would have to have it sooner rather than later.

He looked at his second in command, "Rally thirty of our finest warriors, fire-proof, if you can, and fetch me my armor made of the hardest metal."

The other MudWing stuttered, "S-sir? That armor? Are you sure? I mean it cost a fortune to make and the metal is so rare... to threaten any damage to it would take months to repair and if Blaze or Blister attacks during that time--"

Adamant snarled at the other dragon and punch another stalactite to bits, "Is not the order of your King worth anything? Now do as I ask without further question!" The dragon fumbled to get away and do what was asked.

Adamant smiled, this would be fun, and revenge would be sweet. After all, Adamant could tell that the dragon had an anger problem.... If the FlameWing came here with an intent to kill Adamant, then it was still of his "own free will" as Ruby had put it. The FlameWing would be left crushed of any hope-just as she wanted it-and left to the will of Queen Ruby.

"We leave by mid day and will attack when they are defenseless."

Chapter 7

Aiden's wings are locking up as he pushes himself onward. He struggles to stay aloft. "Can we... land now?"

"Yeah sure." Mountain Fury banked down, landing on a patch of bare land.

Aiden more or less fell out of the air. Landing and bouncing quite painfully on the ground.

Mountain Fury glanced at Aiden. "You okay? I think we might have to rest for a while."

Aiden sits and glances away. "I've been worse. But thanks.... and sorry. It was my fault for bringing you guys into that mess."

"Eh..I was gonna be imprisoned sooner or later, it was good having some fun when I was.



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