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Dragon Model
Background information
Creator                                    PomeranateTheRainWing854
Main Attribute Leader
Elemental Attribute Swamp 
Theme Color Purple
Theme Animal Tiger (true king of the jungle)
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Character information
Age 4
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student, Bigwings
Tribe MudWing
Nicknames type here
Goal To protect and look after her sibs
Residence Jade Mountain (formerly Mud Kingdom)
Relatives Egret (PomegranateTheRainWing854) (brother), Caiman
Allies Egret, Caiman, most students at Jade Mountain
Enemies Anyone who hurts her sibs/friends
Likes things being organized, being with her sibs, scavengers, food, being with dragons in general
Dislikes things being disorganized, chaos, not having the power to change a situation, hunger, being alone for long
Powers and abilities  normal MudWing abilities
Weapons type here
Ships totally open
Quote "Let's just... Stop arguing and be civilized, maybe have some cows or fruit, and settle down."

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Coypu is a MudWing who attends Jade Mountain in the Quartz Winglet. Before she attended Jade Mountain, she was a Bigwings to a troop that hatched with only three sibs; Egret (PomegranateTheRainWing854), Caiman, and herself.

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Coypu is brave and loyal, but can be impulsive at times. Luckily, she has her sibs, who she listens to when they have suggestions. She is pretty extroverted and friendly, and hates to be alone for long. She tries to take control of every situation, and wants things to not be chaotic.

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Coypu is an obvious bigwings. She is tall, muscular, and compact. Her wings are slightly larger than an average MudWing's, which makes sense considering her build. She is a reddish-brown with orange underscales and wing membranes. Her back spines and "markings" are a slightly darker orange.

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Egret (PomegranateTheRainWing854): Finds him cute (like an adorable little brother) and wants to help him not be so self-concious.

Caiman: WIP

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Normal MudWing abilities

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