Background Information
Creator Piggyxl
Artist 01Kira10
Elemental Attribute Nature
Theme Animal Coypu
Theme Color brown and red
Themesong There You’ll Be
Character Information
Age 8
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Nickname Coy
Tribe Mudwing
Goal To avenge his dead siblings
Residence JMA

Trout- Brother

Raccoon- Brother

Bobcat- Sister

Heron- Brother

Allies Seal, his sibs
Enemies most Icewings
Likes socializing
Dislikes Being alone
Powers and abilities Normal Mudwing abilities
Weapons Relies on natural strength
Quote “Don’t you mean dragonoid?”

"I don’t care what you are, your still my best friend."
~Coypu to Seal

Coypu is an average looking Mudwing and there doesn’t seem to be anything special about his appearance until you look closer. His main scales a a medium brown color to go with his dark chocolate back. His belly and underwings and a dark, faded red and his eyes are dark maroon. Around his left eye ks a dark scorch mark from a battle he was in with his sibs. The three scars on his neck came from the last battle he had before all of his sibs died. He was fighting Icewing soldiers when one by one all of them died. Coypu was attacked on the neck while trying to save his sister, Bobcat.

"Bobcat! Say something! Please don’t die on me, your all I have left!"
~Coypu to Bobcat right before her death

Coypu is a very social dragon and hates being alone. He is very loyal and almost clingy to his friends because of his siblings dying. Coy is usually very protective and will fight when needed. Coypu is often gullible because of how easily he trusts others. Coypu’s worst fear is being forgotten and he strives to keep a good amount of friends near him at all times.

"Sorry Brother, you had your chance to lead our sibs... It’s time the rightful bigwings took charge and changed our future for the better. Sadly, you aren’t part of that future."
~Coypu to Trout

When his sibs and him hatched, Coy was trying to get out of his shell when he accidentally rolled into another egg causing it to crack. Trout, the dragonet inside, tumbled out with a confused looks on his face. Eventually Coyou got out of his egg and then helped his other siblings out of their shells. Even though Coyou was the biggest and technically should’ve been the big wings, they decided Trout should take the role since he hatched first. Deep down this angered Coy and he has always hated his brother for it ever since. Overall, Coypu had a normal dragonethood and fought at the very end of the war of Sandwing Succession. During a fight with Icewings, Trout was severely injured and was on death’s door. Instead of going to get help, he took a dagger with poison on the tip, which he was supposed to use of the Icewings, on his brother. He lied to his sibs that the Icewings killed him and they believed him. Coypu then became the big wings of his sibs but struggled to lead them since he led to win the war instead of worrying about his family. During the next battle, all of his sibs died in the enemies talons. Coy mourned over them for many days before deciding to look for a new unsib group to join. One night an odd Icewing who didn’t remember anything about his past was flying towards the Mud Kingdom. The Mudwing questioned why he wasn’t in the Icewing Kingdom to which the ice dragon didn’t have an answer. When asked his name, the Icewing didn’t have an answer and the Mudwing decided to call him Seal and they parted ways, promising they’d see each other again one day.

"No, no, no. Not a robot, a dragonoid. How many times have I said that now, Seal?"
~Coypu to Seal





Peccary the Skywing-






"I am a loyal Mudwing solider, not dragon who runs away from the law. I’m a rule fallowing citizen... But for you Seal, I’d do anything."
~Coypu to Seal

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~[insert name here]

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