"I see no point trying to make the world better. There will always be that one dragon that ruins it in their own special way, I seem to be one of those dragons."

Coyote | Female | 25% Rain 25% Night 50% Sand | 6 Years | Criminal

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Background Information
Creator Timber
Coder Pokeball - thank you so much, I know I messed around with it a little but it still looks so good!
Main Attribute Dishonesty
Elemental Attribute type here
Theme Animal Coyote
Theme Color Pale ginger
Theme Song Heavydirtysoul - Twenty One Pilots
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age 6
Gender Female
Orientation Bisexual
Occupation Thief
Tribe SandWing/NightWing/RainWing
Goal type here
Residence Jade Mountain
Relatives Gila(mother), Fluorite(Father), Citrine(Brother)
Allies ~Copper~
Enemies type here
Likes Treasure
Dislikes type here
Powers and abilities Limited mindreading, fire, venomous tail barb, limited color changing
Weapons type here


From a distance, you would think Coyote was just a normal SandWing. It would take a eagle-eyed dragon or one that was close to her to see the NightWing and RainWing. Her body is lean and tall with a prehensile tail that has a SandWing barb on the end. Her long, curved talons and spots along the sides of her body are the only parts of her able to change color.
Her wing membranes, forked tongue, back scales, frill,underbelly, and horns are black. But, the underside of Coyote's wings are flecked with silver scales. Her main scales are sand color. Amethyst gem stones neatly cut into diamond shapes line the area under her eyes and on her wing frame. Coyote is heavily adorned with jewelry everywhere but her tail.


type here


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Gila: Coyote has never really had a strong bond with her mother, which is why she left when she had an opportunity. Coyote heavily disliked Gila's no nonsense attitude and how she would punish Coyote for doing anything that could get her possibly arrested. But, what she did appreciate was how Gila always tried to help all dragons and see the good in them.


  • A coyote is a crepuscular(think of when cats are active, no, they are not nocturnal) breed of canine that lives almost everywhere in North America.
  • Coyote likes paler colors
  • Her Zodiac sign is Leo as she was born in early August
  • Enjoys lemony smells
  • Her favorite gemstone is Amethyst


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