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Cottonmouth has a SandWing structure with stone-gray scales, slightly lighter underscales, twisted horns like Darkstalker's, a pitch black spine with starscales, and gold eyes. She has mottled gray-black wings with dark gray membranes.

Cottonmouth has a white mouth like the snake she was named after, with a black tongue and golden yellow teeth similar in color to her eyes. She has a starburst marking on her throat that branches out like a dragonbite-viper bite. The veins curl around her eye area and down her neck and chest.

She wears a black beaded bracelet around her right wrist, a silver tailband exactly like Bog's that is emblazoned with black diamond-shaped stars, and wears a medallion with a Gazing Eye on a silver chain. (Gazing Eye ref:


Cottonmouth is somewhat stuck-up; she believes she and her friends are better than everyone else outside of the Eyes of Light group. She was raised on the lie that her parents, who were royal, fled from the Eyes in a show of cowardice because they didn't want her to hatch for the Prophecy. (When in truth, they were fleeing to save her life...)

She and her friends are technically royalty; she gives orders to random dragons, and if they try to refuse, she subtly makes them do it with a spell. She has enchanted herself to be a mind-reader, so she enjoys listening to the dragons around her, even listening to private secrets.

Cottonmouth likes the attention that fawning males give her, and she's already made a clique of both male and female followers at school, each believing that they are her best friend and soul confidant, like Blister did with her own followers.

What she thinks of her "friends" in the Dusk Winglet:

Periwinkle: Cottonmouth has realized that the Ice-Night seer is a carbon copy of Clearsight, and keeps an eye on her, especially by listening in on Peri's visions, and might enchant something for her like Darkstalker did for Clearsight to keep her from messing up her and her friends' destiny...

Aardvark: She believes that the Mudwing-SandWing isn't a threat to her or her friends, and she thinks he's a

Pitch: Cottonmouth thinks it's adorable how the NightWing-SeaWing male flirts with her, but she doesn't really care about him. She'd rather use him as a puppet when the time comes.

Bumblebee: Oh dear. Cottonmouth finds the Rain-Mud's self-loathing and self-esteem issues to be pitiful. She enchants Bee to be as beautiful as she wishes (Like Mal did for Jane in Descendants) and therefore has gained a follower.

Knifejaw: Cottonmouth listens to Knifejaw's throughout her time at the academy, and after spending time with him, has felt the small seed of love blossom in her heart. She enchants his blind eye to see again, and without even knowing, has gained his loyalty, something that will come in handy.

Spinel: Dear moons above! She has to admit, whenever she spends time with this happy SkyWing-SandWing, Cottonmouth feels normal, like a regular dragonet without a grim or dark destiny. She begins to think of Spinel as a sister, and like with Knifejaw, has gained a forever loyal friend.


Her parents were fleeing with her when she was an egg inside her mother. Cribo and Sunbreeze were cornered on a beach when Deepdark, the SeaWing-NightWing leader of the Eyes of Light, demanded that they came back and had the egg to complete the prophecy.

Her parents refused, and tried to escape again, but Deepdark calmly sang the Eclipse Animus Prophecy, making Cottonmouth's egg react to the magic. Deepdark's followers killed Cribo, and as Sunbreeze begged Duneshift, Deepdark's lover and her niece, to spare her and the egg, the NightWing-SandWing clenched her jaw and stabbed Sunbreeze in the throat until the NightWing dragoness gagged her last breath.

The Eyes members took the egg from Sunbreeze's corpse, and took it back to the Lost City of Night, where the Eyes have their base. Seven years later, Cottonmouth and her friends Shrike and Koi are sent to Starry Sky Academy to learn something that will help them win the war that is currently ensuing between the SkyWing princesses Blitz, Blast, and Blur.


"What a dump."- about the academy, which isn't a dump at all.

"Oh wonderful, hey, can you get me some dates, thanks sweetheart."- to a random dragon.

"Tell me more. Uh huh. That's soooooo interesting!"

"We're the Dragonets of the Prophecy...the Eclipse Animi."

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