Copperhead is a female SkinkWing dragonet. She is the main protagonist of The Deserted Heart, the second story in "The Southern Struggle Arc".


Early life

The Feuding Fire

The Deserted Heart

Three Ways, Single Soul

Slaughter's Sin

Bloody Dawn



Copperhead is a quiet dragon for her own good, because she harbors dangerous opinions: She doesn't trust Queen Frill or agree with her feelings about the ThripWings. She wishes for peace between the tribes but knows that will never happen while Queen Frill is alive. Copperhead is intelligent for her age, being at the top of all her classes at Frill Academy (a name she naturally dislikes, due to her feelings about her queen). Her favorite class is chemistry, but only because her secret long-term project is making a poison that can quickly kill whoever ingests it, which she always falsely explains as being the "cure to cancer" when she "gets it right".

She is also one of the few members of her tribe, as far as she knows, who feels sympathetic for the ThripWings and wishes she could do something to protect them from Queen Frill's wrath. She strongly believes that she can use her intelligence to defeat the queen and bring about peace between the two tribes, but the only dragon she has told, an elder who was loyal to Frill's mother nearly a century ago, has told her that she won't be able to kill the queen, no matter how smart she is. But being the determined and brave dragon she is, Copperhead has every intention of trying even if it kills her. She believes that even if it takes her own life, peace will be worth it.

That is, until she met a certain ThripWing called Skimmer who shares similar ideals as her, and she begins to feel that maybe she should live to witness the peace she wants to fight so badly for.


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  • "I saved you from those jerks a few days ago, so I would appreciate if you stop trying to rip off my scales. I don't want to hurt you."--to Skimmer, after she first [properly] met the ThripWing, and he attacked her, thinking she wanted to kill him


  • She is named after the Copperhead snake.
  • Early artwork of Copperhead do not depict her wearing glasses as I came up with the idea that she wears glasses (when ever she reads) later on in her development, and as a result, she does not always wear her glasses.

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