Cookie belongs to UndertaleTrashowo. Steal this sweetie from her, and she'll kill you uwu.


A MudWing teacher reaches for a ink dipped feather, her expression soft yet irritated thanks to her students. A scroll sits in the shadows as she grips the end, beginning to write. This sweetheart is Cookie, a writing teacher and scrollworm at Jade Mountain Academy.

Cookie's scale colour consist of a shade of warm brown. The top of her head and shoulder scales consist of a fiery orange colour, and her underscales compare to that of milk. The claws and spines that run down Cookie's back are black, along with her curled horns.


To other MudWings, Cookie is just your casual dragon wandering Diamond Spray Delta. Though this is true, it's quite the opposite at the same time.

Cookie is a sweetheart. She generally seems to be concerned for dragons and her students, even if they are from another tribe. She is quite helpful and always volunteering to help someone with their problems, whether it be an accident or an argument. Though, there are times when Cookie can become easily frustrated and get angry at someone for making the littlest mistake.

But, overall, Cookie is just a sweetie who likes to read scrolls and write. She is a scrollworm and a teacher, a surprisingly well mix.


Bullet points

  • soon found a satchel full of scrolls
  • taught herself to read and fell in love with reading <3
  • begged her siblings to buy her more scrolls and said no.. they soon bought her sum bc they love their youngest sis and bc she was sad :(
  • soon visited jma and got a choice to work their as a writing teacher. she had to learn to write now and she was good at it but cookie was mad >:(I

The wind roared as water slowly rose up near Diamond Spray Delta. Water lapped at the unhatched eggs that were tucked deep away in their nest, but soon, their slippery talons wrapped around four eggs, one of them being blood red, and dragged them into the forming river.

It pushed and churned, and soon, a mighty wind blew the eggs towards the Claws of The Cloud Mountains. They washed up near a dry area, and after a day or two, they hatched, and out emerged Cookie and her three siblings.

Cookie had a fairly normal dragonethood. She would huddle around her siblings when cold, and she'd always follow behind them. There was one thing, though; Cookie wasn't like her siblings. While they wanted to practice fighting and eat all the time, she wanted to exclude herself from them and chase butterflies.



  • loves her
  • like,, cookie loves her like a mother does to their daughter
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