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owner created by epheme;

adopted by abstrxted

nicknames connie
hatchday June 30
elemental attribute succulents
favorite color liliac, faded maroon
debating, carrots, succulents, aloe, stargazing, napping, poetry, learning, animals
insects, root vegetables(except carrots), spicy foods, meat, seafood, big fish, heights
east of eden - zella day
gender she/her
orientation pansexual
Personality Type INFP
Moral Alignment Neutral
quote "nothing matters, but that's okay. "

IMG 1997
Okay. I can do this.

Contigent, also known as Connie, is an emotional and tenderhearted NightWing. She tries to put up an emotional wall and tries to be tough like the other NightWings; in actually she's very soft and gentle. Connie is very rurminative, as she constantly ponders about the meaning of life,  what happens after death, etc.. She's a pacifist and stays far away from any violence. 

  • big ol' nerd hippie
  • curious
  • she has a speech impediment where she echoes the last words that she says.
  • emotional, but tries too hard trying to put up a cold exterior
  • sad and deep
  • makes amazing one-liners
  • pessimistic/realist
  • loves watermelon and is a vegetarian; dislikes to eat meat after living on the nightwing island and constantly having to eat carrion
  • serious and gullible
  • confident but gets frustrated when she can't figure something out though.
  • loves to garden and helps out the rainwing healers
  • has a pretty impressive succulent collection
  • good student; total hippie nerd
  • often has nightmares that being accepted into the rainwing rainforest was just a dream, and that she was still stuck on that godforsaken island

Lets just enjoy it while it lasts.
  • average nightwing build
  • long, kinda chubby tail
  • grey horns
  • dark navy/black nightwing
  • wings fade from midnight to a bright maroon to a light, pastel purple
  • bright purple-red eyes
  • dark grey circle rimmed glasses
  • legs fade from navy to light blue-grey
  • tail fades from navy to dark blue-grey to maroon to light purple
  • wears leather necklaces and colorful feathers
  • circle-rimmed glasses

I'm sorry. For everything. Everything.
  • comes from a well-bred family

Are you ready? Cause I'm definately not.
  • aaaAAAA

I wish...everything was better...
  • Very good at pottery


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