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Conch is an young, average-sized SeaWing. His scales are a bright turquoise-blue color, and if you look closely you can see hints of sea green in his scales. He has emerald-green eyes with dark blue flecks in them. His webs run down his back all the way to the tip of his tail, where they get very short. His horns are dark blue and curve in a smooth, perfect way. His wing membranes are slightly paler than his mainscales, but not much. His left wing is scarred so badly that it can no longer be used, taking away his ability to fly. His underbelly is bright blue, and his dark blue claws are painted green at the tips.

His scales, which are slick and shiny, seem to glow in the sunlight. He looks like a dragon made out of gems. His teeth are straight and are an off-white color. He isn’t exactly muscular, but he’s not skinny either. He has broad shoulders and a broad chest, but a skinnier waist. His wings are large and sleek, and his webs are slightly lighter in color than his mainscales. He looks a lot like his mother, Aquamarine.


Conch is laid back, calm, and trustworthy. He’s good at keeping secrets, and is always there for his friends when they need him. He often makes jokes to cheer up his extremely depressed sister, Cove. He is easygoing and loves all food, but especially seafood.


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