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Cocoon is a HiveWing student from the Jewel Hive. He is kind to most dragons, but has some distaste for annoying, discriminating, and crabby dragons. He just likes to make order and harmony.By Sab coming back to dis


“Cmon, Cocoon. You look at yourself in the mirror every second! Stick your snout at a textbook instead.”


Cocoon has sand yellow scales, which some describe as “almost white” and shiny. There is not a single scar on his body, and his scales have triangular thylacine-like black strpes going from his back. He is lean and tall, towering over most of the other students. His wings are iridescent purple-blue, and his eyes are oilly black that glint azure sometimes.


”He seems okay. Just a bit reckless when he wants to be, I guess.”


Cocoon is kind and selfless for the very least. He likes helping, and isn’t tolerant of tribe discrimination. He isn’t afraid to defuse any public incidents, and he uses his tail to shoot out the acid/venom at the offender. He’s a proud lil vigilante at heart, and he considers himself a good dragon.

While he may be a well-hearted being, he takes his time mainly on his looks. He thinks that he looks really handsome, polishing his scales whenever possible and always poking his face at the mirror. While that may seem odd to others, he just cares about his looks. First impressions are always good, and that he needs the world to know that he isn’t a lowborn HiveWing. Good looks equal respect in his life.

He gets in pointless fights as well, mainly because he thinks he’s being a good guy. Cocoon sometimes gets in school detention as a result. Sometimes he needs to use good judgement.


  • Has a habit of overusing his boiling acid, haha.


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