This OC was made by ItsCharlooloo, please don't edit or use without his permission!


Cocoa normally has chocolate brown scales with a teal underbelly, ruffs, spots, spines, and wing membranes, a cerulean blue contour stripe thingy with cerulean blue scales that run along the spine and the headplate thing, and orange eyes. She tends to wear flower crowns and aviator glasses, although some times she wears bands as well.


Cocoa is very sweet and kind and is willing to help anyone in need. She's very confident and friendly as well, making sure her friends are doing well and if not, she'll do anything to help them. She has to take care of her little sister and Scrollobserver too.


Cocoa has normal RainWing abilities, but she prefers to not use them.


Cocoa lived a happy life with her parents until one day a pair of NightWings dropped off a newly hatched dragonet by their den and flew away without saying anything. Her parents took her in and watched her grow obsessed with scrolls and reading and organizing them so they named her Scrollobserver. Then, their sister was hatched. Cocoa and Scrollobserver became best friends and they're in all the same classes, but she worries about her sister doing so many things at such a young age.