Basic Information

Name: Cobra

Nickname: None

Sex: Male

Age [Dragon Years]: 10

Age [Scavenger Years]: 16

Sexuality: Straight


Main Scales: Burnt Orange, with Black stripes

Underbelly: Pale Yellow-Green

Eye Colour: Green

Horns, Talons: Dark Gray-Brown

Wing Membrane: Iridescent Sea Foam Green

Build: Graceful

Height: A bit taller than average for his age group


Positive Traits: Rational, Positive, Likeable

Negative Traits: Doesn't always think things through, Impulsive, Gets lost in thoughts

Quirks and Habits: He makes clicking noises when trying to calm down dragonets, it usually works. He also makes this noise when he can't see, as a form of echolocation.

Likes: Family, Friends, Helping others

Dislikes: Being alone, Flying, Silkwing discrimination


Tribe-Given: Messenger

Talents: Good with dragonets

Disabilities: None


Hatching Day: 5th day of the 7th month, 5002 AS

Hatching Place: Jewel Hive Hatchery

Mother: Phasmid, 35

Father: Viceroy, 29

Sister(s): None

Brother(s): Tiger, 9; Ocelli, 9 (Deceased)

Mate: Iris, Silkwing, 10

Dragonet(s): Lily, Hybrid, 3, Female

Important Events

Met Iris in school, when she was 4 and he was 5.

Iris had Lily when she was 6, Cobra was 7.

Moved with Iris, Lily, and his family to Phyrria when he was 8, to escape Wasp's control.


Phasmid: They are close now, but they were somewhat distant while on Pantala.

Viceroy: Not very close, so Cobra usually attaches himself to male figures like his brother instead.

Tiger: Very close, practically joined at the hip some days.

Ocelli: When he was alive, Cobra and Ocelli were more like best friends than brothers, and they knew everything about each other.

Iris: Cobra and Iris have been together for 4 years, and they started out as best friends. They are very close.

Lily: Lily is Iris and Cobra's daughter, but she doesn't know it. Lily is passed off as Iris' little sister, but is very close to both her parents. Thankfully for her, her Silkwing genes seem to be dominant.


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