Do not steal her please, I love her a lot! Thank you and have a nice day :)


Cloud is a Skywing-silkwing hybrid, she’s quite young is a cheerful dragonet. She’s very gullible and takes everything seriously in an adorable funny way, she is prideful and always argues till it’s her way.


Cloud is a short dragonet, very skinny with chubby cheeks, she have looks mostly like a SkyWing but with nubs instead of wings. Her horns are longer, maintaining a more regal look and she is missing the skywing nose and jaw horns on her face. Her claws a sharp and curved and she has cute round eyes. The main color of her scales are a gentle brown, a bit lighter than chocolate and her underside is a reddish-brown. She has white specks on her the top of her neck that runs down her body until it fades away half way along her tail. Cloud’s eyes are a gentle holly green and they have lighters streaks that give her eyes a gentle aura, the antennas on her head are a similar light chocolate brown but it fades into a lighter shade that is similar to hazel. She has dark, dark, brown horns that are nearly black and her talons a tiny, sharp, and a shiny metallic lead color that is unscratched. Her limbs and tail fade into the same hazel as the edge of her horns as u go further out and she has white specks on her shoulders.

With wings

Cloudy has huge, elegant wings, still maintaining her tiny stance, they are a shimmering chocolate brown with dark brown lining On the edges, there is a similar reddish-brown streaking across her wings and she has solid. Blue splotches on the edges of her wings and with white specks on the edge.

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