Background Information
Creator Typhoonflame
Theme Color Blue
Theme Song n/a
MBTI Personality ISFJ
Character Information
Age 7 dragon years
Gender Male
Orientation Demisexual
Occupation Governor's apprentice
Tribe DriftWing
Goal To overcome his issues and become a good diplomat
Residence DriftWing Kingdom
Relatives Oceanglider and Riverflower
Allies Rainspinner, Oceanglider, Riverflower
Enemies none
Likes history, diplomacy, quiet places
Dislikes injustice, stressful situations, unorganization
Powers and abilities Regular DriftWing ones
Weapons Teeth, claws
Ships n/a
Quote "I'll be the best I can be, I promise!"


Cloudweaver has light blue scales with a gray underbelly. His horns are also blue, but a slightly darker shade. The markings on the underside of his wings are simple dark gray stripes that stretch along the entire underside in a zebra-like pattern. His eyes are amber, while their inner circle is slightly lighter in color. He's not overly well-muscled and could even be called rather scrawny, especially since he's rather short.


Cloudweaver is a rather shy dragon with confidence issues. But all he needs is a little push. He's been working on those issues for years and can be really serious when the need arises. He cares deeply about the well-being of his tribe and the entirety of Pyrrhia. He's very hard-working and will spend hours on a project if he has to. If he has to fight for someone or something he cares about, he'll push aside his shyness and use the best of his arguments. As he got older, Cloudweaver began to openly fight injustice wherever he went, even if it was just a school bully. He's dead set on trying to make the kingdom better for everyone.

He's very critical about everything he does and is somewhat of a perfectionist. He constantly worries about what someone may think about his actions of words, especially since he knows that if he'll have a political career, those will most likely affect everyone in the kingdom. He also tends to be sarcastic towards those who openly show they dislike him, though he tries to control himself.


Cloudweaver was born in the capital to Oceanglider and Riverflower. In his early years, Cloudweaver mostly focused on his education, determined to pass his trials with excellent scores. Since his parents weren't nobles or anything like that, he felt responsible for the reputation of his family, since they always told him how much they wanted him to be successful and not end up as a low-ranked dragon like them. They even made sure to save up enough money so that they could move to the capital and make sure their dragonet had a better future. However, due to his lack of courage and self-confidence, he was never able to do much, especially when it came to combat. He was terrible at all his combat-related classes and this used to think of himself as a failure due to the constant teasing and rude comments he got whenever he had to spar with others. That all changed when he moved on to study politics and history. His bad grades in combat training barely mattered to the young dragonet anymore as he focused on his newly-found passion: diplomacy.

He was very excited to learn all about the other tribes and their relationships with each other. His favorite topic to study was life after the Scorching. He was amazed to hear about how the dragons formed all these different tribes and made their own government systems. Then came his seventh hatching day…and soon, his trials. He did decently, as far as he was concerned. His aerial abilities were fine, the combat was bad, but he hadn't expected anything much. His history trial and politics trial ended really well, with those two being his best scores. When he heard Rainspinner was looking to choose an apprentice, his parents urged him to apply, sure of his abilities in that department. So he did…But he was very nervous about it. Still, he knew that was one of the only ways he could think of that he could be useful to his tribe.