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Background Info
Creator Raybean!
Main Attribute Hot-headed
Elemental Attribute Sun
Theme Animal Cougar
Theme Color Peaches and blues
Theme Song let me think
MBTI Personality ENTJ (for now
Character Information
Age 15
Gender Transfemale/nonbinary (she/they)
Orientation GAY-ish(asexual homoromantic)
Occupation Circle member (Captain)
Tribe LightWing
Goal To be recognized by the Order and the rest of the Circle; to protect the Light Kingdom
Residence nomad, stays in light kingdom though
Relatives Her parents kinda disowned her...
Allies The Circle
Enemies Mostly the baddies
Likes Justice, beating things up, butterflies, pb & j
Dislikes Being called male, peeps commenting on her body
Abilities Average LightWing abilities, enhanced combat skills, bulky body
Weapons SPEARS!!!!!
Quote "this code makes me look girly but I'm nooooooooot."

~Cloey (Raybean?)

hey hey hey!!!!!! This new OC belongs to Raybean. She's a wip!!! BEAUTIFUL infobox by the marvelous Marble-y cake! Thank you fren!
draw her either looking a little distracted, happy, or kicking butt!!

in a nutshell: tougher than a peach

Cloey, like other LightWings, is made up of warm pastel hues. They sport peachy tones, with a sort of gradient of pink to orange starting from her spine, head, and tail to her toes, a bit like a sunset. It's pretty, yet slightly dull. Their underbelly is a sort of lavender-ish pink sort of tone, though it's dulled by quite a few scars, specks of dirt, and occasional bruises.

She has large pink-ish purple wings with pearlescent reflective scales.

No matter to her. She wears blemishes with pride. To add to the tough look she also has quite a few cracked spines, with odd sky-blue markings on them. The only injury she tries to hide is her stumpy tail. When she was a young dragonet, (while her body was still growing) she was on a field trip in a more ruinous part of the old kingdom. The little rebel she was back then jumped over the ropes of a roped off area to get a closer look at a certain butterfly. Suddenly, a chunk of the ruins crumbled and fell on her tail and damaged it so much that all the nerves died and the tail became a dead weight that failed to grow as she got older. No matter, Cloey doesn't let that hold her down!

Her face is soft and hard at the same time, more soft when she smiles. Her eyes are pale indigo with odd splotchy light green markings in the shape of clovers around her eyes, hence the new name, Clover (Cloey). Cloey's body is bulky for a female, (is that how dragons work? are the males bulkier??) as they're transfemale! It makes them look intimidating with all their scars, though they really don't like it when you comment on their body.


in a nutshell: clumsy muscles

She wants you to think she's a competent, strong captain who brings justice to criminals, all while maintaining a tough facade.

In reality, you could argue if she even should be a captain.

They're prone to distractions, (especially butterflies :0) and sometimes they leave their post when no one's around just to explore the area, as they're a bit of a nomad. When they are focused, they do a surprisingly good job of staying alert.

She does want to help, but she's caught more often doing an UwU expression than actually looking alive. It's pretty ironic actually.

The only thing she's good for is being a criminal magnet. Most baddies pick on her becasue nine times out of ten she's not paying attention. She does a pretty damb good job of kicking butt.

That's when she really feels joy. Bringing justice! The light kingdom is a relatively safe place, so she spends most of her time going to Circle meetings, where they talk about politics and the Order and how the economy is doing and the shortage of daisies in the daisy park and snorrrreeee bore me to sleep.

Another flaw in Cloey is her unprofessionalism. Yes, she has fallen asleep during Circle meetings. No, she's not proud of it, but life happens. She does, however, have a tough heart.

While she may be cheerful, playful, and extroverted, she has hardened her heart. She was abandoned long ago. She was old enough to take care of herself, but not old enough to be prepared for it.

So overall, They're ditsy, excitable, clumsy, sociable, yet strong and tough.

  • I did do research on gender dysphoria, though I myself have never experienced it (except for the fact that I think she/her pronouns feel weird on me) so what I write about gender dysphoria may not be completely accurate. If you know more about gender dysphoria more than I do or have experienced it, please give me advoce on writing about a character that has experienced it. Don't hate on me though if I get some stuff wrong!

in a nutshell: bullet points for now until I get back from Hawaii!!

  • born as male with the name flamespinner
  • parents liked cool yet unrealistic LightWing names
  • pretty conservative, like in a bad way (transphobic, homophobic, blegh)
  • so they wanted him (her) to do tough work
  • they were masons, not very rich but not poor
  • so Flamespin did more masculine stuff and was always very manly
  • until (s)he got older and started realizing "hey I like girly stuff :D"
  • parents were like "hey put those flowers down and pick up these heavy rocks D:<
  • Flamespinner started experimenting more with his (her) gender expression. Tried on makeup (looked horrible) and more girly jewelry all in secret.
  • Found out "so hey maybe I'm not really into this girly lacy stuff
  • but felt, y'know, conflicted??? because they felt as though he/him wasn't right and that the body Flamespinner was living in was all wrong
  • "welp," he thought, "maybe it's because I'm a little fat."
  • started eating a lot less, though was still unsure why he was doing it. Something inside told him that he didn't want to be a man but he tried to deny it
  • the years went by and our boy started isolating himself from his friends
  • romantic attraction blossomed in him, to females
  • he started to sort of develop anxiety over his body, like he thought he was straight but he also wanted tio kinds be a girl
  • didn't like going in public places because he felt it to be all wrong, he wanted others to see his body in a different way
  • continued trying to get thin
  • was just super mentally conflicted ahhhh
  • wip

ex ex ex


ex ex ex ex ex

in a nutshell: D-don't comment on my body! It's not NICE!
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