Claude is the leader of the Golden Deer in Three Houses and a LeafWing noble.

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Infobox art by - Moonbreeze
Background Information
Creator Pokeball
Coder SFS
Main Atribute Schemes
Elemental Attribute Leaf
Theme Animal Deer
Theme Color Green, gold
Theme Song text here
Character Information
Age 7 DY
Gender Male
Orientation Omnisexual
Occupation Student at the Officers Academy, LeafWing commander
Tribe LeafWings
Goal To make sure the LeafWings have more rights
Residence Poison Jungle, Officers Academy
Relatives tbd
Allies Golden Deer
Enemies Black Eagles
Likes schemes / tricks / etc
Dislikes tbd
Powers and abilities Leafspeak
Weapons Bow and arrow
Ships currently none
Quote "I've had people say I'm not very noble. That's a compliment, right?"


Claude has the body of a LeafWing but is said to be more muscular. He doesn't usually slouch, but when he stands he is said to be tall.

His talons are quick and manipulative, in which his skills for the bow and arrow come in. That's part of where he got his nickname, The Schemer.

Claude's body is mostly a light green and yellow. His wing membranes are a yellow-green, but more on the green side. His underbelly is a dark mint that is almost the same color as his mainscales.


In a few words, Claude is a schemer. He loves to scheme and will joke at any moment. He is also very easygoing, in which that's what others like about him.

Of course he is despised by Edelgard after joking that there was a rat near her talons.

He admires his unnamed mother and sees her as a role model due to her actions, as his mother ran away from her noble duty to be with the LeafWing she loved. That LeafWing, his unnamed father, was the leader of an unpopular, but not despised very much LeafWing organization.

Claude experienced discrimination in both areas, but is slowly trying to unite the two to make sure they're at peace.

Even though Byleth is not his professor, he still cares for her and calls her "Teach" and sometimes "Professor".


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