My murderous RainWing child. Wants nothing more than to be the very best. And beat you. In every sense of the word. The epitome of an evil Slytherin


-Usually dark purple scales

-Underbelly is stormy grey

-Eyes are a very distinct orange all the time

-Wing membranes look like storm clouds. If she's angry there will be "lightning strikes" in it.

-Spines are almost pitch black

-Horns are ebony black

-Scales almost never change color

-Has a resting scowl


History ==

Relationships == -Reed AKA, Bossy SeaWing

Ther are...many layers to their relationship. They're always trying to beat each other and be the one in charge. There is mutual respect for the other's intellect though. There are times when Citrus feels like murdering Reed, and others where they feel like friends. Though those occurrences are few and far in-between.

-Solona AKA, First on the hit-list


*Had a crush, ONCE. Still hasn't told anybody

*Actually a bit sensitive, no matter how much she denies it

*Her parents are totally indifferent on anything she does

*Actually has a hit-list (Solona is really pretty low)

*Manipulates others because she used to be on the receiving end of it, and learned how to from childhood.

-There is no doubt at all that she's a Slytherin


*Insert evil quotes here*

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