Believe me, I know, I've sunk pretty low

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But whatever I've done you deserve


Rubrum Academy, a peaceful, well-off school for gifted dragonets. At least, that's what the stories say. Of course, this school is anything but pristine and peaceful. Inside the walls of this school resides a dragoness, a RainWing. This school has been her prison for years. But it's her final year, and she's ready to be free from this wretched place. That is until a barrier is put up around the school, and the teachers disappear. The dragonets are left to fend for themselves, looking for a way out.

Some say situations like these can bring out the best in people. But of course, Citrus knows that's not true.

I'm the bad guy, that's fine


It's no fault of mine


And some justice, at last, will be served


Now it's time to step up, or it's time to back down


And there's only one answer for me. So I'll stand up and fight.


-Originally a very one-sided villain, but I thought it'd be more fun to add some facets

-Slytherin, of course

-Used to be a kinda vent character

-Being small is the part she hates most about herself

-Actually really likes music, and would want to learn to play one

Cause I know that I'm right. And I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready!


Ready as I'll ever be!
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