• sarcasm is his biggest weapon. can and will roast you. you cant win.
  • pretty much a stereotypical pretty boy; flamboyant, social, and VERY handsome by sandwing standards
  • hasnt actually ever dated anyone before
  • has the PRETTIEST laugh like seriously. sounds like bells
  • cinnamon tends to be a little different when he's alone with people he trusts
  • his outside personality is mostly a cocky young high school student who is obsessed with winning the hearts of others and looking good
  • in reality, he has some insecurities about his worth and his looks
  • has a very scary angry side that you do not want to be on the recieving end of
  • wants to be held tenderly in someone's arms. he craves touch more than anything
  • really he's a sweet lad
  • best friends with his team's wing spiker, everlasting. he may have a teeny weeny ginormous crush on him


  • Cinnamon Sugar was born an only child in a rich city in the Kingdom of Sand. His father, Pyramid, was one of the queen's architects, while his mother Chitin was a royal jeweler. Cinnamon was spoiled from the moment that he was born, but was cooped up a lot in his youth.
  • When he became older, he began to wander out of his pampered home and explore the towns around. During a run-in with scrappy town dragonets, he watched his first game of volleyball. They played it with a board for the net and a rotting melon for the ball. Cinnamon befriended one of the dragonets, who told him his name was Everlasting.
  • From then on, he and Everlasting were inseparable, and Cinnamon lost his spoiled sheen. He began to enjoy things like playing in the mud, catching bugs, and digging for bones and treasure in the sand. He even began to join in on the games of volleyball, where his talent for serving became immediately apparent. Everlasting invited him to join the team as soon as possible, to which Cinnamon Sugar eagerly agreed.
  • The two attended Dunescape Academy together and built their own volleyball team, called the White Doves.
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