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Creator ☁️
Attribute Snappish
Element Earth
Animal Brown bear
Color Cinnamon brown
Age 8
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Bigwings, former soldier
Tribe MudWings
Goal To protect her sibs
Residence Near the Diamond Spray River
Relatives Heather, Fawn, Ladybug
Enjoys Mud, food, sunlight, like drizzles, breezes, her sibs, the scent of freshly cut grass, small animals
Dislikes Most dragons, getting into battles, death, dust clouds, complete silence, fruits, uncertainty
Abilities Quick mouth, fire, holding her breath
Quote Shut up.


The first word to describe Cinnamon is average. Average height, at least for a bigwings, average build, perhaps on the lean side, a dragon you'd barely notice among others. In fact, almost nothing stands out about her.

Her scales match her name, being an orange brown, similar to cinnamon. The shade is close to umber, and paints over her scales indiscriminately. Her top scales are a darker brown, comparable to dark chocolate.

Her underbelly is a dusty brown, pale and saturated like plumes to dust and dried earth. Her wing membranes are colored a pinkish, almost coral shade, matching her abruptly curving horns. Peach spines march down her back, matching the thing stripe of scales along her side.

Perhaps it's the one thing that makes Cinnamon unique, the way her colors completely fail to work towards a cohesive whole. Instead, they're spliced together, from different color palettes. Each color making sense on its own, but together making up a mess of shades.

That would be what made her unique, if not for her eyes. They're a bright sky blue, a soft shade not quite matching the intense glare they usually contain. Unusual for a MudWing, yes, but all the more jarring on the already patchwork shade of her scales.

Her face is often fierce, or in a slight frown. Angry, perhaps. Intimidating, yes.


  • snappish but loyal
  • Tsunami-ish personality





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