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Background Information
Creator Cimmerian the NightWing
Main Attribute Crazy
Elemental Attribute Dark
Theme Animal Monkey
Theme Color Navy Blue
Theme Song None
MBTI Personality ESTJ
Age 7
Gender Female
Orientation Straight
Occupation Student
Tribe NightWing
Goal Survive
Residence Variable, mostly Possibility
Relatives Shadowmist
Powers and abilities Keeps them to herself in case of an attack.
Weapons My looks
Quote Time is of essence. No really. It is.

This character belongs to Cimmerian, Coding by Forest


Cimmerian looks like the typical NightWing (considering that both parent are NightWings). Everything about her is pretty average. Medium size, normal horns. Has a black-ish navy blue mix color. If you've ever seen an adult NightWing, that is what Cimmerian basically looks like, with a few differences. She is humble, and does not admit to her great beauty.


Cimmerian is outgoing and slightly hyper for her age. She doesn't care about what people think about her. She is smart, and not that athletically strong. Always up for a fun time. She does not like to admit to her weaknesses and always keeps her head up. She can be a bit bossy at times though. She only lets her guard down near her family and close friends. Does not like rain for personal reasons. That is all that you should know.


Cimmerian's background is not very well known. But what is known about her background may not be accurate. It is thought that her mother and father had 3 eggs total. One egg was stolen, another one hatched, but the baby dragonet inside died early. That left Cimmerian. Later Cimmerian's mother had an egg with an Icewing, and so Cimmerian had a stepsister name Shadowmist. Cimmerian ran away a while ago, but is still in touch with her family and visits them.



Addax is a close friend of Cimmerian's, and Cimmerian likes the way Addax thinks and her personality. She gets angry at anyone who disrespects Addax.


Cimmerian met Etesia at school, and they bonded over ther interests in academics. She liked Etesia, even before she visited a psychiatrist. They are good friends at school now, and enjoy studying and having fun together.


Cimmerian is good friends with Misty. She likes her personality, and is used to her paranoia and worry. She likes hanging out with her, especially in times of pressure.

Sabotage (CB)

Cimmerian made an unexpected friendship with Sabotage. When she first met him, his personality confused her. But as she hung out around him more, she came to like him better, and they became friends.


When Cimmerian met Ciel she didn't think she'd get to know anything about her. Cimmerian had nothing better to do the day she met Ciel, so she hung out with her. At the end of the day, Cimmerian was friends with Ciel and knew a lot more about her. Nowadays they're close friends.

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Extra Info

Cimmerian pronounces her name differently than you may think. It is pronounced: Sim-er-ee-an, not Sigh-mee-re-an. Her nicknames are: Cimm, Cimmer, Cinnamon, and just plain Cimmerian. Cimmerian has many friends.


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