Infobox Artist me , two years ago
Background Information
Creator this nerd
Main Attribute text
Elemental Attribute poison
Theme Animal snake
Theme Color violet
Theme Song text
MBTI Personality hm
Character Information
Age 19
Gender female
Orientation bi
Occupation assassin
Tribe MudWings/RainWings
Goal take care of her little sister
Residence Scorpion Den
Relatives Her sister, Heron. The rest are dead.
Allies Heron
Enemies Everyone else
Likes sweet foods, respect, mud, Heron
Dislikes weakness
Powers color-changing eyes, rainwing fangs/venom
Weaknesses text
Weapons daggers and knives, fangs
Ships text
Quote text


Cicuta is a clear hybrid. Her frame is closer to a MudWing's besides for her long tail and legs. Her head is also closer to a MudWing's, being very blunt, but her snout is that of a RainWing's. Her horns are jagged, similar to a SkyWing's, although she has no SkyWing blood.

Cicuta's colors are also very strange. Her main scales are a dull brownish copper color, and her underbelly is pale yellow. Her horns and spines are a poisonous purple color. Her wing membranes gradient from blue-violet to yellow-green.

Her eyes have to be her strangest feature of all. Similar to a RainWing's scales, they change color to her current mood, though it is only the pupil and iris that do this. She tends to change her eyes to be solid white to freak others out.


Cicuta is a strange one, not just in looks, but in personality too. She acts confident, heartless, and generally very cold most times, preferring violence over words. Yet, when alone with her sister, she's actually very gentle and caring. That's only for her and Heron's information, though- if anyone else finds out, they'll find a very unpleasant death waiting for them in the form of an angry Cicuta.


i abandonedn my boy cicuta im sos sorry

i dont know whats up with her backstory honestly, but her parents are absent and she has to support heron by herself

she works in some underground mercenary group in possibility with this rainwing named hurricane who i cant make a page for yet but one day. one day i will


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