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Chrysanthemum is a RainWing with camouflage scales and light sky blue eyes. Her scales are naturally a light or pale blue, matching with her eyes. Her horns however, are a dark blue and are unusually shaped, curving slightly forward. Unlike most RainWings whom could be referred to as "lazy", Chrysanthemum is the exact opposite – she is fierce, bold, and an excellent fighter. Her favorite subjects are battle training and physical competition. When she met Queen Glory, she realized that maybe some other RainWings aren't as lazy as she thought. "Maybe some other RainWings realize what's going on."Since then, Queen Glory has been her role model and her goal is to become dragon who commands the RainWing army in the future. 


Chrysanthemum grew up in the RainWing village with her mother Starfruit, her father Jaguar, and her younger sister, Plumcake. From the moment she was born, Chrysanthemum wanted to change the way her tribe worked. The RainWings acted like they wanted to be called lazy. She sometimes wished she could rule over this tribe. Maybe she would one day . . .


When Chrysanthemum was two years old, Queen Glory met the little dragonet, and they realized how much they had in common. Since she had the potential, Glory offered for Chrysanthemum to work for her. The girl eagerly accepted the offer.

When she turned four, though, Chrysanthemum was sent off to Jade Mountain Academy without any say. She was quite angry, until one dragon saw the good in her. Wildfire. When the grumpy dragonet met her, they became instant friends, and Chrysanthemum realized that maybe this school wasn't as bad as she that first though. Then, when she made friends with Droplet, a SeaWing princess she was even happier. The three of them became best friends and in their minds: a secret club.

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